There’s more to a healthy and strong relationship than love. The best marriages are those that have stood the test of time, strengthened by challenges, and bonded by respect. However, those foundational values cannot be built without hard work, time, and dedication. 

With both partners struggling to balance work and home responsibilities, having your romantic relationship take the backseat is a common occurrence. However, there’s no need to worry because there are plenty of ways to rekindle that mutual passion and keep it burning. What are those you ask? Find out here. 

8 Tips to a Healthy and Strong Relationship

Simple and meaningful, these genuine gestures when done regularly can positively redirect your relationship to a longer and stronger bond. The key to the effectiveness of each relationship tip is to put 100% effort every time. You can start by doing the following:

1. Marking a Calendar

Having a weekly schedule can help you organize your errands, chores, and appointments. By marking a calendar, you can better visualize the things that you have to do.

Now, this might sound unromantic, but just like any important activity, scheduling a weekly check-in with your partner can help you set aside a specific time that is available to both of you. Doing so will make sure that both parties are dedicated and focused at the moment to air out feelings, discuss plans, and share emotions. 

This check-in can last for as little as 30 minutes, or more, as long as both parties get to talk. You can even schedule it during brunch, at dinner, or before you go to bed. Now, for couples who may dislike the idea of this forced “quality time,” you can always have tentative schedules and spontaneous check-ins wherein emotions can flow more freely. 

2. Give a Greeting

Verbally acknowledging the presence of your partner with a simple greeting is important in partner communication. It’s one way of letting them know that you are happy that they are there and that you appreciate them.  

Greeting them when they come home, leave for work, before going to sleep, and more, are vital verbal cues that translate into feelings of love, care, and respect. These greetings become even more potent when they’re accompanied by a kiss and a hug.  

3. Be Open and Talk

Sharing each other’s happiness and sorrow is important for a healthy relationship. As you welcome your partner into your life, this entails a complete acceptance of who they are. This includes their strengths, weaknesses, success, and problems. Through this, you learn how to be a better cheerleader, supporter, and partner. 

This all-out sharing session can be done during mealtimes, where both of you can sit down and listen to each other. If you have kids, you can include them in this daily tradition as it can help you connect with them. Now, if you’re a bit reluctant to share such intimate details, you can always go to the nearest therapist in Windsor, Ontario to have someone mediate your conversations. 

Romantic Date Couple

4. Have a Date Night

Most couples fear the predictability of marriage, thinking that it would be the end of spontaneous romantic moments, surprise dates and gifts. Now, routines and daily patterns give structure to you and your partner’s life. However, mainly focusing on these factors could have both of you physically and emotionally exhausted. Surprises and dates are important for you to take a break once in a while and have fun. 

A date doesn’t have to be expensive for it to be enjoyable. You can have a movie night at home, a fancy dinner, a picnic in the park, and more. As well as the gift, you can have a pre-owned watch such as Tag Heuer Toronto, simple things that rekindle your mutual passion. You can even take the entire family out and go to a family photography studio in Hamilton. Not only do you have fun, but you get a souvenir too! As long as you enjoy each other’s company and take the time to relax.

5. Point Out the Positive

Focusing on your partner’s positive habits and traits is a good way to appreciate the impact that they’ve had in your life. Sure, there will always be fights and misunderstandings, but by pinpointing these little personality details, you get to relive the moments of why you fell in love with them in the first place. 

Now, these positive habits and traits don’t have to be associated with grand gestures. It could be as simple as your partner brewing you a cup of coffee every day, cleaning the house, or doing the laundry. By noticing these things, you can better appreciate their love and presence in your life. What would even be wonderful would be telling them about it. Make them feel validated by acknowledging their effort. 

6. Be Verbal with Your Love

Partners that have been together for quite a long time can communicate efficiently with each other without verbal cues. With subtle body signals, they can easily know what their partner is feeling. When it comes to expressing love, this is commonly done through hugs, kisses, and embraces. By adding in some words of affirmation and terms of endearment, the message of these actions is better communicated and felt. 

7. Put Your Phones Down

Modern technology has made it easier for people from all around the globe to instantaneously communicate with each other. This has made long-distance relationships have a stronger bond and better results.

However, for couples who are sitting across from each other, it’s better to look each other in the eye and put your phones down for a while. 

Technology and social media may sometimes be a distraction instead of a tool for connection. So, next time when you’re having a dinner date, or a morning coffee, turn off your electronics and have a deep chat instead.

8. Get Lost in Your Partner’s Eyes

Eyes betray a person’s most well-kept emotions. Even when you’re conversing with other people, your eyes serve as the main facial cue that people see and observe. So, when you’re having a conversation with your partner, make sure that you are on the same page by establishing eye contact. Looking someone in the eye during a conversation also signals that you are actively listening to them. 

These tips can make your relationship more fun, spontaneous, and passionate. However, it will only work if you are willing to put in the time and effort. So, take the first step, and talk with your partner about your intentions to invigorate the flames of your love. A healthy and thriving relationship doesn’t get built overnight. It takes years of mutual hard work, dedication, and respect for one another.