Looking to perk up your living space? Here are 13 tips for coffee table inspiration that will do just that.

There is a style of coffee table for everyone. Regardless of what your taste level is and what décor you have in your home, you should be able to find a coffee table solution that makes the most of your space and accentuates your features. 

Gorgeous Coffee Tables for your Home

Here are 13 of the best coffee table solutions for your home. 

13 Gorgeous Coffee Table Ideas

These 13 great ideas for coffee tables can make any home gorgeous.

1 – Solid Oak

You cannot beat a solid oak coffee table. Ideal for the home with dark wooden finishes or for light, airy homes that can handle the dark object in its space.

2 – Solid Pine

If you can’t afford the solid oak but you do want to stick with wood, the simple, natural effect of pine is for everyone. It will suit almost any space and add a lightness to the room. See here for tips on spotting solid wood.

3 – Multiple Layers

Some coffee tables have as many as four shelves underneath so that you can use them as storage space, as well as tables. 

4 – The Storage Option

Just as you can have multiple levels, you can also have plenty of shelving and even drawer space in your coffee table. Think of the touch of whimsy that the old apothecary tables have, and you get the idea. You can read more about storage tables in this guide.

5 – Geometric Coffee Tables

A geometric shape like a hexagon can really liven up a space. These are best used in rooms where geometric prints or artworks feature prominently. Geometric shapes can be reinforced with cast iron legs twisted into further patterns, too.

6 – Think about Metal 

OK, so nobody wants a full metal coffee table, but the legs on your table can be a prominent focal point of the room if they are used correctly. Cast iron can be warped and produce some excellent shapes.

7 – The Glass Top

Everyone remembers their mother or grandmother having a glass topped coffee table. If you have a lot of parties, it’s probably not the safest option. However, a glass table is sleek, pretty, and elegant. 

8 – Think about Dressings

It’s not all about the table. Think about how you might dress that table with flowers, ornaments, or even coasters.

9 – The Solid Table

Tables don’t have to have anything under them. They could be one solid piece of wood, a natural shape like a log, or even just a box shaped piece.

10 – Round or Square?

There are a lot more options nowadays than just round or square tables, but it’s still a good way to pick what you want for your space. The shape should go with the other furniture in the room and not against it. 

11 – Bold Colors

You can have a boldly colored coffee table in a mostly white room. Use your table to pick out your color scheme.

12 – Black and White

Similarly, you don’t need to be bold at all. You could have your coffee table in black and white if you want a classic feel.

13 – The Unfolding Table

There are plenty of coffee tables out there that unfold, or untwist, or incorporate a puzzle somewhere. If you want to be creative, there are furniture options for everyone in the world of coffee tables.