It’s that time of the year.

There are lights in every house. People are bonding over Christmas trees decorations. You can finally sit all day under a blanket sipping hot chocolate and catch up with your family. And don’t get me started on the delicious food.

But know the best part about Christmas? The gifts!

Yes, everyone looks forward to getting a lot of gifts during Christmas, so this is the perfect opportunity to give thoughtful gifts to your loved ones and get closer to them.

But if you are someone that’s not good with deciding gifts, don’t worry, I got you. Here is the list of 7 best Christmas gift ideas you can give to your loved ones.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

Let’s go:

1. Apple AirPods

Apple just released the new version of the AirPods and it has already made its way into a lot of Christmas wishlists.

The 3rd generation Airpods has updated its spatial audio, longer-lasting batteries, and installed adapted EQ which is similar to Airpods Pro. it is undoubtedly our best Christmas gift choice to give anyone and get yourself labeled as the best relative.

Whether you are going to be giving AirPods, or another Apple product, they certainly make for great gifts; click here to get an idea of how long delivery can take so that you can make sure that you order in plenty of time for Christmas!

2. Candle set

This year has seen the love towards scented candles. And for all the good reasons. They come in so many different shapes (my personal favorite are the naked silhouette candles) and a wide variety of smells.

You can use it for decoration in the morning and can also get warm when the snow starts falling. It’s the most thoughtful way you can make your loved ones smile even when you are far away.

3. Personalized planners and notebooks kit

Notebooks and planners are something that comes in handy all year long. But don’t go pick something straight out of Wendy’s.

If you know your people, know what their aesthetic is, invest in a personalized planner or notebook. For instance, if they are plant lovers or kawaii lovers, get them a customized botanical or doodle print notebook. This small effort is going to make them so much happier. Trust me.

4. An espresso coffee machine

Do I even need to pester you on this? Coffee is the most loved beverage in the world. It’s the one thing almost all of us want first thing in the morning and it can instantly make your day.

So, if you want to be the reason for making anyone’s day better – surprise them with an espresso coffee machine this Christmas and wait for their wholesome reaction. 

5. Virtual reality game headsets

The virtual game headset is one of the hottest things this year. You might be thinking that these virtual headsets are only used for games. Sure it does, but that’s not it.

With tech giants entering the metaverse, virtual game headsets do not only let you play virtual games, they let you join any events held at any part of the world, giving you a visual of the whole 360 degrees. Exciting, isn’t it? Well, so will it be for the receiver.

6. S’mores party

If the previous option was out of your budget, don’t worry I have got something else too. You might be aware of the phrase: the way to the heart is through food.

So, gift your loved ones a box of smores party kit for their next camping trip and make it easier for them to indulge in the goodness of smores. This set includes smores sticks, and all the goodies to make smores for four.

Now if you want to be a little extra, you can add forever roses in a box, a bunch of chocolate, marshmallows, or Nutella and wrap it together to present them on Christmas night.

Over to you…

Christmas is about being all-things-love. It is the time of the year when you must forget all the bitterness, sit together and cherish all beautiful memories you created this year.

And exchanging gifts is the perfect topping you can add to that evening. I hope you have already found the perfect Christmas gift in this list and are already on your way to order it.

Wish you a merry Christmas!