Botox in San Antonio is being offered by spas for people who want to enhance their appearance and bring back their younger-looking skin. Botox is a non-surgical procedure used to block signals from the nerve in making the muscles contract on a certain area of the body. Contractions of muscles on the face when we make facial expressions create lines and wrinkles when people age. So preventing the muscles to contract means reducing or eliminating lines and wrinkles to form. 

What To Expect During Your Procedure

After the appointment is set, you should prepare yourself for that day. It would be good to have ideas on what will happen during your botox treatment so you can be ready mentally and physically. As they say, preparedness can give you the result you desire. 

Discuss Goal 

Your injector will talk to you about your expectations and she will give a brief orientation in the botox they will be using for the procedure. You can also ask questions and clarify things before proceeding with the treatment. Since Botox can not be reversed, clarification on both parties should be done before proceeding with the treatment. So don’t hesitate to ask any questions. 

You can ask for your specialist to numb your skin

If you’re not tolerant to pain then you can request a topical numbing cream before they inject the botox. It takes about 15 minutes for the cream to set in. This can be better than bearing the pain. Although the pain is minimal, it depends on the patient’s tolerance. 

Putting the Marks 

During first appointments, the doctor needs to mark the area to be injected. But for frequent and follow-up sessions, doctors will skip this procedure. Markings are done to make sure there will be no confusion made, apart from that for each procedure there will be more than one point of injection. No one wants to make a mistake when it comes to satisfying their customer. 

Botox Injection 

Now that all things are set, it’s time to inject the botox into the areas of your treatment. 25 to 75 units are injected into the facial area, or the units may vary depending on the treatment you need. After the injection, you may feel soreness, mild bruising, and mild redness in the area. These are just normal, it will subside eventually, so no need to worry about it. Just relax and wait to see the results set in.


The effect of the botox can be seen after 3 to 5 days from the treatment day. Final results can be seen in 7 to 10 days. The effect can last for 4 months, after which another session should be done to have another 4 months effect. Botox can not be permanent. The physical attribute of a person can differ so the effect also differs among individuals.

Does Botox Make You Look Older When It Wears Off?

As mentioned earlier botox has different effects on each person. Here are some advantages of getting botox:

Muscles get weaker after several treatments 

After having several botox injections the muscles in your face or area injected with botox will soon get weaker. Which means it will not easily show lines and wrinkles anymore. The good part is you might not be needing botox anymore.  

Longtime Effect

Repeated Botox injections can make its effect longer. People who have regular botox injections are seen to have a longer effect after each injection. Some may even have the effects for years without repeating the procedure. If you have a skin type that can uphold this effect then you are lucky. 

Expect Changes 

Since botox will stop your muscles from contracting, expect changes in your appearance but in a positive way. The changes will depend on the response of the muscles and skins. Some may have a longer effect and better while some may need to have another botox the soonest. 

Hope this information on Botox treatment in San Antonio: How Long Does Botox Last? Can help you be enlightened and understand how botox really works. Botox can be the solution to the issues you are having right now. Contact your specialist and discuss with them the best procedure you need to make your appearance better and fresher once again.