Planning your wedding is a big endeavor, let alone all of the intricacies that come afterward. From changing your last name to budget-friendly wedding planning tips, here are several things I wish I would’ve known before my wedding day.

You Can Buy and Sell Your Wedding Dress Online

Your wedding dress can be a big expense. One of the things I was completely unaware of was that I could’ve bought my wedding dress online through a secondhand website. Borrowing Magnolia has designer wedding dresses at a much more affordable cost.

Not only that, but you can also sell your wedding dress once the wedding has passed. Why hang onto a dress you only wear once in your life when you can make money to recoup from the wedding expenses?

Get The Big Things Out of the Way First

You might be spending a lot of time pinning ideas on Pinterest for hair and makeup ideas, but I highly recommend spending your valuable time wisely. Things like your vendors, the venue, and a photographer are all the major necessities you need to make the day happen. Focus on the bigger picture items and get those out of the way first. 

Get Rid of Walking Down the Aisle Jitters

Tradition says to wait before you see your partner until you are officially walking down the aisle. Personally, it saved me a ton of anxiety being able to do a first-look in private with my soon-to-be spouse. Plus, it was an incredibly intimate moment I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Set Aside Private Time

It’s inevitable that your wedding day is going to be less than private. You’ll be running around from table to table, shaking hands and giving out hugs and gratitude. Don’t forget to take a little time for yourself. Scope out the venue beforehand and look for a private space that gives you time to breathe. It can seem overwhelming and you don’t want to remember this day as one filled with anxiety.

Don’t Forget to Eat

As we said, it’s going to be a busy day. Don’t forget to set aside a plate so you can eat. If you still feel like you won’t have time, ask your caterer to put a plate in the fridge. That way, if you didn’t get to eat, you can scarf down your meal after your leave the reception.

Don’t Settle With Your Non-Negotiables

When I was planning my wedding, I kept settling for the things I really wanted. For instance, there was a wedding venue I absolutely wanted, but the price was too far out of reach.

Instead of shifting the budget away from the flowers, which I wasn’t as passionate about, I chose to keep the budget the way it was. This is your one big day. Don’t settle for less than what you absolutely want.

Something Will Go Wrong

I wish I could say that your entire day will go perfectly. Unfortunately, perfect doesn’t exist. Something will indeed go wrong. It probably won’t be anything earth-shattering. Just take a breath and remember why you are there in the first place. Don’t sweat the small stuff and give it up to be a part of the process.

Get Your Thank You Cards Over With Fast

One of the most time-consuming parts of my wedding was what came afterward. I had to write hundreds of thank you notes which I postponed far too long. I could barely remember who gave us what gift and had no desire to write them.

I wanted to get started into my life with my new spouse, not sit and write thank you notes. Get them out of the way immediately after the wedding. You’ll thank yourself in the end.


Your wedding will be a beautiful and magical day no matter what. However, there will be little things you’ll notice afterward you could have done differently. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a success!