There are many dazzling gemstone designs, and also quite a large selection when it comes to engagement rings. This can make shopping for rings a complicated decision, between choosing size, shape, and quality. It is important to take your time and do your research when looking for the ring of your dreams. Most of us know the 4C’s when it comes to diamonds (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat), but there are other things to take into consideration for the overall ring.

Here are some tips for choosing the diamond ring that is best for you.

Choose your cut & shape

There are many different shapes and cuts out there for diamond rings. A great cut will give you the most sparkle. It is important to know that carat weight is not related to how well a diamond will reflect light.

The most popular shape is round, but there are many others, including cushion, princess, oval, emerald, pear, marquise, asscher, radiant, and heart.

Choose your carat size

You will have to choose if you are getting one stone or multiples, and how what carat weight you want to go with. A 2 carat diamond makes for a stunning choice, as it is sure to impress, and the size alone makes it brilliant due to the surface area compared to a 1 carat diamond.

Choose which metal & setting you want

Metals and settings play a big role in diamond rings. There are so many different designs out there, plus you may have multiple diamonds or gems in your setting.

Metals can include yellow gold, white gold, silver, rose gold, or platinum. These each have different appearances and qualities. As a gift or engagement ring, it is important to know if your recipient is allergic to any metals. Some metals are stronger than others, and type of metal is usually a personal preference.

Set a Budget

Budget is always important during jewelry shopping, as it is easy to go off course with price. In your budget, you will have to weigh which features are most important – for example do you want a better quality diamond, versus a larger diamond of lesser quality, or perhaps you want to spend more on a custom setting.