The Christmas season is fast approaching and it’s a time of giving to family, friends and your community. We all live busy lives, but we focus more on spreading love and joy during the holidays. This is a natural human impulse and one that rewards both the receiver and the giver. 

Giving over the holidays is easy. You just have to find a need and fill it. Above all, charity shouldn’t be a chore or something you do begrudgingly. Give with a loving heart and use these ideas to be charitable over the holiday season. You may find that you receive more than give.

Are you looking for more ways to be charitable for the holiday season? Let’s go over some creative ideas for giving during this special time.

As adults, we enjoy receiving gifts, but they are usually useful items for the home or clothing. For a child, it’s all about having fun and playing. Why not give to a charity that donates toys to those children in need.

There are many organized toy drives in local communities, and their aim is to make sure every child has something to open on Christmas morning. A new, unwrapped toy is usually what is preferred. There are lots of drop off locations you can go to. If you don’t have time to pick up a toy, they will accept cash as well. Their organization can buy toys that they have a specific need for.

You may want to help out around the holidays, but just don’t know what to do. If you want the most bang for your buck, you should contact some local churches in your community. They are organized and have ongoing charity initiatives and need people to donate funds during the holiday season. Call them to see what they are doing and if it aligns with your ideals, give what you can, whether it’s your time, treasure or talent. 

A church is a community of people with a calling to serve. You may be surprised how much they actually do in your local area. Reach out to churches like the United Church of Canada and help out. They will definitely appreciate your effort!

Volunteer in Your Community

The holidays are when charities need extra help, and they would love to have you spend a few days pitching in. This could be helping serve food at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen, delivering meals to shut-ins or taking a few shifts on the Salvation Army kettle.

Even committing to an evening or two at a senior’s centre or hospice to sit with those lonely during the holidays is amazing. If you have an elderly neighbour, you could go shovel their driveway when it snows or scrape their car windows for them. This is the gift of time and we all can spare a few hours to help out.

Have a Winter Cleanup

The year-end is a great time to go through your home and see what you can donate. Look in your closets for extra gloves, scarves and toques, as well as warm clothing and coats. These can be donated to local charities that give them out in the community. They also take food donations, so see what you can spare out of your pantry. This helps those who really need it and gives you a winter purge to make room in your home.

Help a Family in Need

You probably know a family that is struggling to make ends meet. During the holidays they have more expenses, especially those with children and if you can provide some holiday comforts, their Christmas would be brighter. Single moms are very deserving and they need our support over the holidays.

You could buy some groceries for them and show up to do a quick drop-off. Some people find it hard to accept help, so just be brief and hand them the bags of food with a smile. Include a few gifts for the kids and maybe a gift card for mom too. They will appreciate it so much and it will take the stress off of the parents.

Go Caroling

Another way to give during the holidays is with the gift of music. If you play an instrument and have a few musical friends, put together a Christmas song list and go out to the bigger light displays for an impromptu concert. Some of these houses with large displays have donation boxes for various charities, and if you provide some entertainment, it may attract more people who will donate. 

Ask your local seniors’ homes if you can come and play or sing a few songs for the residents during Christmas. They would love to have you and it will warm the hearts of those in attendance.