Are you planning to switch to solar energy? 

Over 3 million solar installations exist in the U.S. today. When you transition to solar energy, budget is not your only concern. Neglecting to consider these factors will often lead to disaster.

Below are common mistakes for new solar energy users. Read them to learn how to avoid them today:

Not Preparing Your Roof for the Installation

Ensure your roof is suitable for solar panel installation. Check the shape, size, slope, direction, and sturdiness of your roof. Some homeowners might need a total roof renovation to accommodate solar panels.

Are you unsure whether your roof is suitable? Call a reliable residential solar company to help you figure it out. They can give suggestions for preparing your roof.

Buying Solar Panels Based on Price

Never buy a cheap solar panel system. Getting these can be tempting, given how expensive solar energy is. However, if you settle for low-quality solar panels, you are throwing money away.

Cheap solar panels can cost you more in the long term. They are more likely to break, making you spend more money on repairs. It’s wiser to buy an expensive but durable solar panel system.

Neglecting Solar Energy Rebates and Incentives

Speaking of costs, you can still get a high-quality solar panel system via rebates and tax credit. You can learn the following incentives from the best solar company in your area:

  • Federal solar tax credit
  • State solar incentive 
  • Local utility rebates
  • Property tax exemption

These are only a few rebates and incentives you can get when switching to solar energy. The incentives depend on your current location.

Avoiding Researching About Solar Panel Products

Switching to solar energy is a long-term investment. Do your homework on solar panel products. Learn more about local solar companies to find the best one around.

Solar products come in different types, with their pros and cons. Find out which one fits your budget, goals, and power needs the most. When in doubt, talk to a reputable solar provider.

Putting Off Shopping for Solar Panels

Today, most people hold off on buying new technology to ensure a good investment. They wait for the technology to develop, become more accessible and affordable. However, this thinking does not apply to solar PV panels.

Why should you buy a solar energy system today? If you wait too long, you will miss out on solar rebates and credits. Households with solar PV systems installed between 2006 and 2023 are eligible for a solar tax credit. 

Make a Flawless Transition to Solar Energy Today

Now you know what mistakes to avoid when switching to solar energy. You are now ready to go solar. Enjoy your renewable energy source for decades to come.

Getting a solar power system is only the beginning. Learn how to maintain your solar panels to make the most out of their lifespan. Ask a professional solar company for more information.

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