Almost six million homes are sold each year in the United States.

To make your home stand out and to get the best value for it, there are small changes that you need to make.

Are you considering selling your home? Would you like to get as much money as possible without spending too much to get it? Again, improving your home is key.

Read on to learn five tips that will help you increase your home’s value and provide you with an improved home in the meantime.

1. Greater Efficiency

Along with upgrading to newer windows and a smart thermostat, the best way to increase the efficiency of your home is to install solar panels.

While you’re still living there, they will save you money each month on your electrical bill. When you put your home up for sale, solar panels will be a feature that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Environmentalists and penny pinchers alike will appreciate solar panels because of their positive impact on the earth and ability to save you money. So consider reaching out to get an estimate today!

2. Fresh Paint

Paint has a bigger impact on a room than many people realize.

If your last time painting was years ago, it’s probably faded and become a bit lackluster compared to when it was first done. Your tastes might also be very different than others, and some people struggle to picture themselves in a home with eclectic paint colors.

One inexpensive home investment is coating the walls with a fresh coat of neutral-colored paint.

3. Curb Appeal

The front of your home is the first thing people will see, and it doesn’t take long for them to form an opinion based on their first impression.

To ensure that it’s a good one, a solid home upgrade includes putting some work into your driveway, yard, and landscaping.

4. Focus on the Kitchen

Out of all of the rooms in your home, upgrading the kitchen will increase your home’s value the most.

You don’t need to do a complete remodel, but consider:

  • Painting the cabinets
  • Upgrading the floor
  • Getting newer appliances
  • Switching out handles/knobs

Even one of these small changes can make a big difference. To get inspiration and ideas for your kitchen upgrades, visit a local kitchen showroom and see what styles, features, and finishes are currently in demand. The displays can help you visualize how these small changes will transform your kitchen and boost your home’s value.

5. Declutter

Nothing makes a home seem smaller than when it’s filled with clutter.

The easiest home improvement project is decluttering your home before you put it up for sale. For example, clean out the garage so that people can see how big it is. Clear the rooms of any unnecessary items so that they appear larger and people can imagine their things in the space.

This change will delight potential buyers and provide you with less stress when it comes time to pack and move.

An Improved Home in Five Steps

This article walked you through how to work toward an improved home that will surely bring you more money when it’s time to sell in five simple steps.

Making even one of the changes mentioned here has the potential to increase the value of your home and make your time there more enjoyable if you don’t plan to sell right away.

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