If you’re debating whether to use real estate farming postcards vs. newspaper ads, then you need to take a few things into consideration before you make your final decision. Although newspaper ads have been needed around for many decades and people frequently read the newspaper – or at least they used to – this advertising technique is slowly becoming obsolete. 

Instead of seeing people reading the newspaper adverts on a Sunday morning, you are finding people watching the news on televisions, browsing the news online, or doing something else with their free time. Since newspapers used to be one of the only reputable news sources in times past, people became accustomed to reading the newspaper every day. However, now that we have TV, radio, mobile billboards, and postcards, there is little need to use newspaper ads in modern times. Real estate agents should focus on using real estate farming postcards to help broadcast their business and marketing their services! If you’re looking for more real estate farming postcards, read here.

The pros and cons of real estate farming postcards vs. newspaper ads

Last longer

The main benefit of using real estate farming postcards vs. newspapers is that they last longer. When you send the postcards to your clientele base, they are likely to keep the postcard so they can refer back to it at a later date when they need your services. Furthermore, they keep the postcard to recommend you to a friend who will need your services! With newspapers, people discard the paper immediately after reading the section that interested them – meaning the shelf life is much shorter when compared to other advertising techniques to reach the target audience.

Avoid clutter

By using the real estate marketing posters, you only put the most important information on the postcard. This means that it is simple, easy to read, crisp, and clean – it doesn’t contain any extraneous information that is going to get in the way of the main point. The main focus is your real estate services – everything is front and center when using real estate postcards instead of newspaper ads.

Avoid competition

Another benefit of using real estate farming postcards over newspaper ads is that you can avoid competition. In other news sources, like TV commercials, magazine ads, and newspaper ads, you will find that your advertisements are placed directly next to a competition. In this case, someone can view your ad, and then 10 seconds later see something that they think is “better”. In which case, your marketing potential has gone to zero and you are back at square one. Avoid competition from directly hurting your real estate broadcasting by using real estate postcards. In this situation, you are the only one on the postcard – which takes the competition out of the question! 


As you can see, using newspaper ads is a method of times that has passed. Instead of people reading the newspaper every day and circling the ads they are interested in, people are now watching TV, using social media, and getting ideas from other people. If you want to reach your target market with your real estate marketing, we recommend using real estate farming postcards to connect with your clientele base!