Energy efficiency is important in your home, from reducing utility bills to lessening your impact on the environment. There are quite a few ways to increase your energy efficiency, from simple changes to larger updates. You can start with easy eco-friendly swaps and gradually make larger changes to your lifestyle and home.

  • Use energy efficient windows

Energy efficient windows are windows that are designed specifically to not let air in or out of your home when closed. This means no cold air will escape from your home in summer, and no hot air will escape from your home in winter. Combine them with blackout curtains or shades, and your windows will be very energy efficient.

  • Insulate

The energy costs you pay to heat and cool your home will rise if air leaks out of windows, doors, and walls. The cost of heating and air conditioning will be reduced by installing insulation. Adding insulation will also prevent air leaks. Although it may seem expensive at first, it is very cost-efficient taking into consideration the fact that your air conditioning and heating costs will be reduced. 

  • Use ceiling fans

Air conditioning is expensive, so using ceiling fans along with it will help to cut down the costs. Ceiling fans work especially well in cold rooms since it moves around the already cold air, helping to create an even cooler feeling. They also help all year round! Reversing the direction that the fan is spinning will heat up a room by creating an updraft. This means that you can save money all year round!

  • Be smart with appliances

To be as energy efficient as possible with your appliances, you must keep them properly maintained. For example, rather than using the dryer, air dry your clothing whenever possible. Make sure to only run the washing machine while full. Did you know that hand washing dishes actually uses more energy than the dishwasher does? Be sure to only run the dishwasher while full as well. 

  • Seal up drafts

Sealing up air drafts and leaks will reduce the cost of cooling and heating in your home. This is cost-effective and will also improve the air quality in your home. This includes doors, walls, windows, fireplaces, and more. Doing this will prevent warm air escaping in the winter and cool air escaping in the summer, which will cut down on heating and cooling costs and be much more energy efficient.

  • Use blackout curtains

Using blackout curtains is a cheap and easy way to cut down on energy costs in your home. Blackout curtains prevent as much light as possible from entering through windows, which is why it is commonly used for people who prefer dark rooms while sleeping and for children. However, using blackout curtains is a cheap way 

  • Don’t use as much hot water

This one is a no-brainer. Hot water usage will run up your energy bill very fast, so only use it when absolutely necessary. Opt for warm or cold water for your washing machine, and never leave hot water running. Did you know that most of the energy that your dishwasher uses is used to heat up water? Therefore, do not use hot water unless absolutely necessary.