Married life doesn’t always go smoothly. At some point, you’ll encounter challenges that require the assistance of professionals, just like in the case of a divorce process. Lawyers can help settle the conflicts that may have resulted from your unresolved issues—particularly, the legal aspects of your marriage and family life.

However, the need for a lawyer is often neglected unless a complicated legal problem arises. Family lawyers are knowledgeable about divorces and can help you come up with fair arrangements and settlements. Law firms like provide services in different family issues, divorce for example.  

Filing a divorce is often tedious, so it’s best to have an experience lawyer such as those at BTL Family Law to guide you throughout the process. Here are all the ways they can help:

  1. Assist In Division Of Properties 

A married couple has marital property or the properties they acquire during their marriage. In divorce, these properties, regardless if intangible, should be divided to both parties. 

Some states follow the community property system for dividing properties. In this system, all properties acquired during the marriage are split equally. While on the other states, they use an equitable distribution system.

This system is fair but not always equal because the court will disregard the 50/50 method. They will decide who gets what by considering financial factors such as earnings.  

Your attorney will help you and your partner obtain a fair share of all your marital properties. With their help, you and your spouse may reduce the likelihood of disputes and disagreements. They can educate you and your partner about divorce property division and provide helpful advice and answers to your questions about legalities. 

  1. Provide Legal Advice For Child Custody 

Your family lawyer can educate you about child custody when you and your spouse file a divorce. Contrary to the norm, the children won’t automatically be in the custody of the mother. So, to gain custody of your children, your parenting agreement lawyer will give you legal advice to help you prove that you’re eligible to raise them.

But before the court grants the custody, they’ll determine first if you’re physically and mentally stable, and financially capable. They’ll also evaluate your relationship with your children. These factors will determine if you’re capable of raising your children.

In cases of joint custody arrangement, the family lawyer will organize a schedule for children to stay with their parents at a given time. With the lawyer’s help, inconsistencies in schedules will be avoided.

  1. Assess Situation For Child Support Obligation

Your obligation to your children won’t end even if you don’t get custody. The lawyer will assess both party’s situation and submit the gathered information to the court. The court will then decide on who should give financial support and who will receive it. 

If you’re obligated to provide financial support to your children, you must perform your responsibilities properly. Otherwise, the other party can file a complaint. However, you can follow these steps to avoid consequences in times you can’t pay for child support.

  1. Advocate In Spousal Support

If you’re the less advantaged during the marriage, your lawyer may advocate for spousal support so the other party will be obligated to sustain your needs. If your former spouse is running a business, your attorney will educate you about your right to its portion. If your marriage lasted for ten years or more, you’re also entitled to pension and social security income. 

  1. Settle Debt Plan

In case your family has a pending debt before the filing of divorce, the lawyer will help settle the arrangement of payment. However, one spouse may appeal to have a thorough assessment on who must pay the debt if they believe the other party is should bear the sole responsibility for it. 

An attorney will then have to collect proof to prove the claim’s legitimacy. If proven true, they will fight to help withdraw the party from the responsibility of paying.

In Conclusion 

Getting a divorce won’t be easy for you and your spouse, but even more so for your children. To minimize the conflicts and disagreements, it’s best to hire a family lawyer. 

A family lawyer will educate you about your shares in marital properties and will help you make better choices for child custody. They’ll also advocate for child and spousal support, so both needs will be met. Your attorney will also help you avoid paying the family debt all by yourself if you’re not responsible for it. To know better about your rights and your best options during a divorce, it’s always recommended to seek guidance from a reliable family lawyer.