Watch out boys, there really is such a thing as an ex-boyfriend database. Women are flocking to the website to keep track of relationships that didn’t end so well.

Although the site forbids posting actual personal contact information, so falls just short of doxing a poor bloke, the site does allow women to post their stories of bad boyfriends.

Mira from Naperville, Illinois writes in about her boyfriend Mike who she calls a “textbook covert narcissist”.

Kim from Denver, Colorado writes in to say that she dated her boyfriend Steve for 6 years, and he turned out to be a “pathological liar”, and that he was a “smooth talking con artist”.

Some of the stories are short and to the point, like the one entry that says her ex-boyfriend Kevin from Ohio is a cheater with an STD.

Then there are others who go into long details about their history such as the story about James from Chicago. This former Navy SEAL really seemed to upset his ex. She wrote in telling all about their four year relationship, that as you might have guessed, didn’t end well.

I spoke to the owner of the website who assures me that despite the websites name, it isn’t really a place to bash men as much as it is meant to empower women, giving them a place to go to get advice about dating and relationships and yeah, rant about their ex-boyfriends sometimes too.

“The idea for the ex-boyfriend database came from a single post, about my best friend’s ex-husband who cheated on her and left her and her two children to fend for themselves while he hooked up with a 19-year-old that he met online,” Tracy Roberts – owner of Girl Power Girl Strong, explains. “After I posted the story about Doug, women started to write in and tell me their own stories about their horrible ex-boyfriends and I realized I really needed to open up a place for anyone who wanted to share their story. And that’s really how the ex-boyfriend database came about.”

With more than 400 entries and more added all the time, I can’t help but feel sorry for the poor schmuck that breaks up with a woman who finds the Because now she can out every little bad thing you ever did to her.