According to NASA, most of the planet’s warming has occurred in the last 40 years. 2016 and 2020 have been the hottest years in recorded history. 

The planet has endured so much harm, knowing which environmental causes to support can be difficult to decide.

This guide will highlight some of the causes making a real difference. Keep reading to learn more about them. 

1. Environmental Working Group

If you want to make a difference for the environment, you should consider supporting the Environmental Working Group. This group completes yearly independent research to find produce products with high concentrations of pesticides.  

Their work has spread awareness about toxins in food. It’s also spoken out about agricultural practices that exploit the land.

Their investigations into toxic products keep consumers informed and safe. They also hold large corporations accountable for their misconduct when it comes to food safety. 

2. Cultural Survival 

If you’re passionate about creating a sustainable future, you’ll want to learn more about Cultural Survival. This environmental cause is all about uplifting the voices of Indigenous people.

Indigenous people have always been leaders in environmental movements. The Water Protectors at Standing Rock are the first that come to mind.  

When the rights of Indigenous people are being uplifted, so are the rights of Mother Nature. 

3. Sierra Club Foundation 

The Sierra Club Foundation is another environmental cause worth standing behind. This organization has worked hard since the late 1800s to protect the planet’s ecosystems. 

This foundation has spearheaded causes in environmental policy. It was responsible for passing the Clean Air and Endangered Species Acts. It was also involved in naming many National Parks and ensuring precious land continues to be protected, to this day. 

The Sierra Club Foundation has also worked to transform coal plants into renewable energy centers. You can also reduce your carbon footprint by switching to a renewable source of energy like solar power. Read more about the process and get an estimate savings report today. 

4. Rainforest Alliance 

The Rainforest Alliance is one of the best environmental charities you can support. You’ve probably already seen their label on rainforest products in grocery and health food stores. 

This organization certifies products based on the sustainability practices used to create them. If you buy products with their seal, you know the products you’re using aren’t harming the environment. 

The Rainforest Alliance also works with tourism corporations to ensure invaluable natural habitats are being protected. 

5. Fashion Revolution 

If you love our planet, you’ll find ways to practice more sustainability in your life. One change you can make is to your fashion. 

This environmental cause works with farmers, manufacturers, and consumers to create clothing in more environmentally friendly ways. 

Important Environmental Causes Making a Difference

The environmental causes in this list are just a few examples of movements and organizations you can support. Organizations working to transition the world toward renewable energy sources or protecting vulnerable ecosystems are ones you should be supporting. 

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