For my daughter’s birthday this year, which also happens to be near Halloween, we decided to do a vampire-themed birthday party. Since she is 12, we wanted to do some spooky decorations.

This project is so easy, and I had my 14-year-old help with this, and we had fun making this creation.

* Note – it did end up smelling a little smoky in the house after a little bit, so you may want to take this project outside, open windows, or find other well-ventilated options.

Supplies needed

White candles (I bought a variety of different pillars)

Red candles (for this I bought tapered candles)


Wax paper, foil, or other nonstick surface


We set four white pillar candles on a sheet of wax paper.

Light your red taper candle, holding it sideways, and allowing it to drip on to the top of the pillars.

Ideall, you will want it to puddle on the top and start to drip over the sides. You can also hold the tip of the red candles along the sides of the white pillars, going around the edges as it drips down.

Surprisingly, the red candle wax was fairly light in color, so we made it a thick layer where we could.

It does take a little patience, as the candles melted slowly. We tried to speed things along by doubling up on an extra flame, but it ended up being messier and the wax melted back on to the flame, so trying to rush the process made it harder.

Once you have your desired effect, allow the candles to dry and cool thoroughly.

Carefully remove from the wax paper.

Be careful with the candles – the dripped wax can be fragile.

We created a centerpiece using a tray, the candles, artificial black roses, and red flickering LED tea lights.

Where I purchased my materials for this:

Candles: Walmart

Black tray: Walmart (approx $2.50 in the Halloween section)

Black roses: Dollar store

Tea lights: Amazon

Check out the final product as part of our vampire birthday theme!

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