We are always striving to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Holidays seem to be an easy way to try to make more sustainable choices. We try to make small changes to lessen our carbon footprint as we enjoy Halloween. Here are some tips for a greener Halloween!

Shop with reusable bags

While you do your Halloween shopping, don’t forget to bring your reusable bags.

Go pumpkin picking and/or buy from a local farmer

Despite living in an area where pumpkins grow well, I was shocked to learn that local places near me get truckloads of pumpkins shipped in from across the United States. Think of the carbon footprint!

Going pumpkin picking is a wonderful way to support your local farmers. If you are just looking to buy a pumpkin, consider the same and shop at a farmer’s market or farm for your pumpkins. Don’t forget to make interesting photos on this day. You can find halloween photography ideas and make unforgettable photos.

Consider a homemade or reused costume

Instead of buying a brand new costume every year, consider buying a used costume or making your own. Not only are you reusing, but you can support local businesses like consignment shops.

Recycle costumes

When you are done with the costume, donate it to a thrift shop, drama club, or other organization. You can also sell it or give it to grandparents who can use the costumes for dress-up for their grandkids.

Choose items you can reuse

Halloween can mean a lot of disposables and trash, like plastic pumpkins and plastic spiderwebs. We have used the same plastic treat buckets for years, and alternatively you could simply use a tote bag, reusable bag, pillowcase, etc.

You can also reuse fabric “creepy cloth” versus disposable spiderwebs.

Go with greener decor

Look for decorations that use LED lights as an alternative to traditional lights. Find decorations that you can reuse, instead of ones that are disposable or don’t weather well. You can also get decorations that you can compost, like pumpkins, straw bales, and gourds. If you don’t have a compost bin, now is a great time to get one!

Choose more eco-friendly treats

Look for candy that uses less packaging and are more sustainable. There are lots of great options for candy to choose from, like those that are fair trade, organic, and sustainable brands. Alternatively, find something else to give as treats or favors, like small gourds, crafts, etc.