The cold or winter season is drawing near. Are your winter season outfits ready? Something which is against the cold weather? Worry not because this article will introduce a cold season fashion that you can be proud of. A lot of designer’s clothes are made from animals’ skin or fur. And these are known and huge brands. 

This is so wrong on many levels but it is still practiced and done up until now. Do you know that there are outfits that aren’t made from animals’ skin and fur such as the vegan puffer jacket? An outfit that doesn’t practice animal cruelty and is nature friendly. A kind of outfit or fashion that is a gift to yourself and the Earth. 

Vegan Puffer Jacket

A vegan puffer jacket is made with recycled materials or plants. It is free from animal cruelty because it doesn’t have animals’ skin and fur in it. It is very much different from the usual and famous brands in the market. If you are a vegan, nature lover or climate change advocate, this outfit is the best for you. It may not be the famous brand you dreamed about having, but this kind of fashion will never go out of style. 

Animal Cruelty for Fashion

It has been a very long practice where it is being normalized, the use of skin or fur of the animals for fashion. Many animals are killed illegally all around the world for the sake of fashion and beauty. Some animals went extinct, and some are on the brink of extinction. Many people choose money over humanity. 

People often think that the world is theirs and is not meant to be shared, especially with the animals. However, there is a solution to this. This practice can be stopped if people stop buying from companies that use animals as their main source of material. All animals deserve to live their lives freely in the jungle or anywhere and not be worn by humans. 

Go Green

Since vegan jacket are made with 100% organic and recycled materials, is it eco-friendly? Not only did it save animals, but also help reduce the world’s problem regarding pollution, especially plastic. If you have a vegan jacket, you treat yourself with the best quality material, and you have contributed to preventing climate change. One simple way of helping to heal our world. 

The Cost of an Eco-Friendly Outfit

Suppose you can afford to buy branded and expensive clothes from a huge and known company that uses animals as their material. Be with small businesses or companies that promote eco-friendly outfits. Some of these kinds of outfits are a bit pricy, but it is worth it. For example, if you buy an environment-friendly puffer jacket, you helped save the animals and the Earth, and you have gifted yourself a gorgeous and very comfortable outfit.

People need to start supporting businesses that promote 100% eco-friendliness. The Earth is very much polluted, and people need to start something to help save the world. You need to do your part and contribute your simple ways of saving the Earth. This world is going to see some better days if you allow earth’s healing to start with yourself. Such a simple way a price to pay, for better days.