You look around your home and realize maybe this place hasn’t been sparking any joy in a while. You can’t quite put your finger on why until it suddenly dawns on you that it’s because your apartment is full of clutter. As you’re starting to tidy things up, you wonder, “how on earth did I collect so much stuff?!” Do you know when clutter becomes even more prominent? 

You’ve followed the declutter tips, you’ve spring cleaned, and you’ve gone on a clearing out purge every couple of months. Yet, the clutter still found its way back and started piling up again before you knew it. Believe it or not, there’s an excellent reason behind why this happens. 

The number one reason is the fact that we lead such hectic lives. We’re always on the go from the moment we get up in the morning. We’re rushing from one place to the next, trying to get everything done on our to-do list. Meanwhile, we’re juggling work, family, other responsibilities, friends, and maybe even finding a little time to get healthy and exercise. 

With so much going on, it’s hard to stop and take stock of your surroundings. We subconsciously tune out the clutter as long as it’s “comfortable clutter.” The little things and one or two items here and there start to go unnoticed until you suddenly stop and take notice one day and realize, whoa! The clutter is back in full force again. 

So, how do you make your apartment rentals look less cluttered? Even if you can’t get rid of everything or declutter as often as you like, there are still some easy organization tricks! Check out these following tips:

1. Light It Up Naturally

If you can’t declutter as often as you’d like, here’s a quick tip to help give the illusion that your apartment is not as cluttered as you think it is. Make natural light your best friend. Dark areas and gloomy corners can make any home look a lot more confined or crowded than it is. 

During the day, throw your curtains back and let that natural light flow in. At night, pendant lights, table lamps, or floor lamps will do the trick. 

2. Organize Your Knick Knacks

If you’ve got far too many knick-knacks and decorative items just lying about, pack away the ones that you’re not using as much any longer. You only need one or two decorative items to perk up the room, so pack away or sell anything else that you’re no longer that interested in. 

Keep it simple and keep it minimal. If you still want to hang on to some of the knick-knacks that are not out on display, store them in storage boxes or containers to minimize that cluttered look. Alternatively, you could also consider rotating your knick-knacks! That way, you get to use everything you want but on a rotational basis. Every time you’re bored of your current display, switch it up again.

3. Keep It Minimal On Your Walls 

When it comes to clutter, sometimes our walls are the last place we think about reorganizing. That’s right, too many pictures hanging on your walls can make your apartment look too cluttered. 

Instead of displaying several photo frames on your wall, pick two or three of your favorites and maybe some statement pieces and leave it at that. You’d be surprised at how much less cluttered your space will look after that. 

4. Synchronize Your Bottles 

Your shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles, hand soap, and all sorts of other bottles around your home can make it look a lot more cluttered. Although they might not occupy much space, the different sizes create the illusion of clutter because of the different sizes. 

Instead, create a cleaner, more standardized look around your home by using matching dispenser bottles. It will make these areas around your home look a lot less cluttered when you do. 

5. Keep Your Tables and Surfaces Clear 

Tabletops and countertops are the areas where a lot of clutter tends to accumulate the fastest. Luckily, these are also the quickest and most accessible areas to clear out because it’s usually simple clutter that builds up. 

Get into the habit of clearing your countertops right away after you’re done using them. Clear the paper, clear the dishes, clear anything that shouldn’t be on those countertops and pack them away. 

6. Double Duty Furniture

Anytime you can opt for furniture that does double duty, that’s what you should do. Instead of adding more storage boxes and buying more furniture specifically for storage, why not go for furniture that gives you two for one? Furniture that doubles as storage space is always a winner, and it makes keeping your home clutter-free a lot easier when you have someplace to store away your belongings. 

A small space should always feel nice and cozy. It’s easy to do it by just making a few small and simple changes around the home.