Take a look at your nails. What do you see? Healthy, strong nails? Or dull and brittle nails? For many people, the second option is the most common one. Many of us suffer from fingernails and toenails that are less than healthy, but there is a solution for the problems. If you have been looking for the best nail kit to strengthen nails – you need to try TrySprig. The revolutionary, all-natural nail kit is restoring nail health throughout the country, and you should know what the rave is all about.

First things first: see a doctor

There are several reasons why you might be experiencing brittle nails. If there is an underlying medical issue that is causing nail damage – you should find out what it is. Hyperthyroidism, anemia, lack of calcium, and iron deficiency are just some of the medical reasons why both men and women suffer from brittle nails.

When your body is lacking certain nutrients, your nails are directly affected. Before you use any nail kit, you should first check if you have a medical problem that causes nail issues.

See your physician to discover if there is an underlying medical issue that you should treat. The doctor will refer you to blood tests that will reveal what is going on. If you are suffering from a nutritional deficiency, the doctor will tell you what to do and how to supplement whatever is lacking.

Check your nail care routine

Manicures and pedicures are a great way to care for your nails. But sometimes, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. A traditional manicure – one in which you soak your nails, file, and shape them helps keep your nails strong.

However, soaking nails in water too often has the exact opposite effect. Constant exposure to water is bad for your nails, so you may want to skip the soak in your manicure routine from time to time.

Also, if you wash dishes often, use cleaning materials or wash your hands often – you are damaging your nails. To avoid contact with harmful chemicals, you should put on gloves when cleaning.

Nail polish application and removal

Apart from nail damage caused by health issues, it is also possible that your nail care routine is damaging your nails. Nails need oxygen to remain healthy; if you apply nail polish often, you are blocking your nails from getting the oxygen they need. If you want to boost nail health, you should also avoid using harsh nail polish removers. The chemicals found in nail polish removers can weaken and cause nails to break, especially when used often.

Gel nail polish, acrylic nails, and wearing false nails also damage your natural nail. Adhesives and chemicals in these products damage nails and cuticles, so you should try to minimize your use of them.

If you can’t break away from nail polish, false nails, and gel nail polish, this could be a good solution for you: use water-based nail polish and a nail polish remover that goes with it. You can also consider cruelty free nail polish that is also safer to use. This will minimize your nails’ contact with chemicals, and allow them to get a breather.

The Best Nail Kit Out There

If you have nail damage, it could take a while for them to heal without some help. A strengthen nail product kit by the name of TrySprig is revolutionizing nail care throughout the country; whether you have brittle nails, weak nails or you just want to give your nails a healthy glow – TrySprig is the kit for you.

What is in the TrySprig Nail Care Kit?

TrysSprig was developed to give nails an overall treatment – from cuticles to tips. To do so, the kit includes 4 products that you, and your nails, will love:

Nail filer: a professional-grade filer that allows you to file your fingernails and nails to the shape you like. Shape and design your nails with ease, and enjoy the manicured look without going to the nail salon.

Nail buffer: the revolutionary four-sided buffer lets you file, smooth, and shine your nails to perfection. Remove glue, dirt, and nail polish remainders with one useful buffer.

Nail buffer replacement pads: when you wear out your buffer strips, you can simply replace them with the replacement pads. The easy to replace pads transform the buffer into a new one, so you do not need to purchase an all-new buffer.

Cuticle conditioner: the product that is revolutionizing the nail care world; this product can fix dry, split, and brittle nails within one use only. The cuticle conditioner by TrySprig aids with post-acrylic recovery promotes nail growth, strengthens nails, and can be used for not fingernails and toenails.

Why Use TrySprig?

TrySprig is the BEST nail kit to strengthen nails, thanks to its numerous advantages. The cuticle nail conditioner is all-natural, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free as part of the brand’s agenda to help both its customers and the planet they live on.

The conditioner is made up of the best things nature has to offer, including cocoa butter, rice bran oil, shea butter, goji berry, Aloe Vera, Japanese Seaweed, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and more. When you put on the conditioner, it nourishes both your nails and your cuticles, resulting in strong nails and nailbeds.

The kit immediately giver nails a shiny glow, so they feel and look better than ever. Women are discovering TrySprig every day, and if you also want stronger and healthier nails – it is the perfect kit for you.