In the past two decades, the internet has become a major part of our lives; we use it to find information on various topics, shop online, cruise social media and do numerous other things. As a data source, the internet is valuable in many aspects, and public records fall right under this category. One website has made it possible to perform several public record queries, and that website is GoLookUp. What services does provide and how can you use them? Here are the answers.

What are Public Records?

Before we get into the specifics of what information GoLookUp provides, we should first explain what are public records. In plain terms, public records are files that contain data that is not considered confidential. They mostly pertain to government records that should be disclosed to the public.

When speaking of personal public records, there is personal data that is available to the public: marriage records, divorce records, mugshots, criminal records, and more. In some cases, certain data is confidential, so it is not available to the public.

Public Records Search

If you need to find information about yourself or someone else, you can perform a public records search. One way to do this is to contact the authorities that maintain public records. Law enforcement agencies, government agencies, courts, and other establishments.

You can perform the search by sending mail to the desired agency, in person, or by sending an online request.

Another way to find public records is by using GoLookUp – a public records search site. You can perform several queries on the site, and find public data within minutes.

What Information Does GoLookUp Provide?

The GoLookUp public records search is provided by several different services that the website provides its users:

GoLookUp Background check

A basic yet comprehensive query that provides data based on people’s names. To perform the search, you need to enter the full name of the person in question and his/her state of residence. The search will begin immediately, and you will receive public data within minutes.

Phone number search allows users to perform a public record search based on phone numbers. The reverse phone number search provides data based on people’s personal numbers. When entering a phone number into the directory, the GoLookUp directory scans public records in search of information about the person in question. All you have to do to find the information you need is enter a phone number into the online directory.

Sex offender search

One of the most important services provided by GoLookUp. The comprehensive search provides information about sex offenders in a particular zip code. Once you enter a zip code of interest into the directory, the website will perform a sex offender search. The end result is a full list of all the registered sex offenders who live in the particular zip code. The data includes the names of the sex offenders, their mugshots, contact information, and more.

This service is particularly important for parents or individuals who want to move to a new location. A zipcode sex offender query lets you discover who are the people in the said area. Thus, you can find out who are your neighbors, and if there are sex offenders that may target children.

Unclaimed money search

As of 2021, there is more than $50 billion in unclaimed money. On average, every American who has unclaimed money registered to their name receives $900. To find out if you are owed money, you need to enter your name into the directory. Within minutes, you will receive a report that details if money is owed to you.

Arrest records

A criminal records search that provides data about people’s criminal history. Much like with the background check, you need to enter the first name, last name, and state of residence of the person in question. When the search is complete, you will receive a report that includes the criminal history of the person in question.

How Does GoLookUp Perform a Public Records Search?

As the name suggests, public records are records that are available to the public. There are free background check websites that do not charge money for their services. These types of websites provide basic information about people in the US. Full access to public records requires payment, so free websites cannot give you an in-depth look into public records.

The paid-per services on provide full access to public records. The professional website has and provides comprehensive access to public records in every state in the country. The valuable service is mainly intended to help users protect themselves.

In this day and age, there are people who assume false identities and lie about their past and present. A background check, sex offender search, arrest records search, and other services provided by GoLookUp provide truthful and accurate data about people. With the help of the website, you can tell the truth from the lies, and protect yourself and your loved ones from people who may harm you.

The Bottom Line

Public records provide valuable information about government agencies and private individuals in the country. To get a comprehensive report about people, you need to use a professional public records directory. GoLookUp has been helping people discover the truth about others. You can use the unlimited search service provided by to get access to many public records and receive a full report within minutes.