The wellness industry is massive and valued in the trillions. In 2018, it was worth an estimated 4.5 trillion USD, and it has been growing annually by a shocking 6.4%. To put this growth into perspective, the wellness industry is growing almost double the rate of global economic output. 

The top sectors include personal beauty care, healthy eating, wellness tourism, fitness, preventative/personalized medicine, wellness real estate, spa economy, mineral springs, and workplace wellness.

Healthy living and living more mindfully provide many benefits and are often seen as just the ticket to help you live more fully in the modern world. You can get an online wellness education to figure things out. Finding the right set of tips, tricks, and products, however, is key. Not everyone is the same, but that doesn’t mean it will hurt to try out these top wellness trends, and see how they can help fit into your everyday life. 

Rewilding Your Workout 

One of the most consistent wellness tips is to spend more time out in nature. This tip has been taken further with the new trend of rewilding your workout. Rather than work out in classes, at home, or in the gym, the goal is to get out amongst nature. Biking outdoors, running in the woods and even swimming in natural bodies of water are all excellent ideas to help you connect with nature and actually get more from your workout. Running on a natural path, for example, requires more strength and balance than running on a treadmill. 


CBD has been a growing trend in the wellness industry for years now, and it has never been easier to try out this interesting new supplement at home. You don’t need to go to specialty cafes to try a CBD-infused drink and can instead introduce CBD to see how you enjoy it right at home, in a variety of ways. There is CBD oil, CBD skincare and even CBD gummies giving you a wealth of options to try out CBD in your routine. 

Cycle-Sync Your Care 

Cycle Syncing is a term coined by Alisa Vitti, whose approach puts women more closely in line with their natural cycles. The goal is to not fight against your body’s internal rhythms, but instead to promote your health based on the time of the month. You will be changing everything from your diet, to the exercises that you do, to better promote unity with your body even as hormones shift and change throughout the month. 

Slow Travel 

It might feel like you are in a rush to get back out there now that restrictions are lifting, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t travel slow. Like slow living, the goal isn’t to rush out and live hard and fast, but to take everything in. Do less but do it more mindfully. A good way to get started with slow travel is to choose an area that isn’t popular with tourists. Get to know the local culture, the people and to really soak in the sights.