We have been trying to explore lots of local hikes, and to also complete the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy 20 Preserve Challenge. On a recent trip to Delmar, we visited the Normans Kill Preserves. The Normanskill East Preserve is nearby, and we enjoyed visiting both in one afternoon.

The Normans Kill West Preserve is 30 acres of protected land located along along the Normanskill River.

This trail loop is through a mix of woods and open terrain with trails running alongside the Normanskill, offering views of the river and Steven’s Farm on the opposite bank. The terrain on this preserve is varied at times and is located to the west of the Delaware Avenue landslide in 2000.


We were able to find the preserve using Google Maps. I had been to this area before, and it is easy to navigate.

Google Maps got us to the trailhead, which is located at the end of Normanskill Boulevard.

There were several parking spots, and I would imagine you could find other parking spots around the different businesses, especially on weekends.

This trail is a loop trail, which I always prefer. (Find the full-size, printable map HERE).

The trail is about one mile, and is mostly flat, so I would say it is fairly easy. The trails are well-marked with trail markers along the way.

This summer there was a storywalk feature on the trail. I love this idea! What a great way to break up the hike for little ones. Reading some pages from a story book throughout the trail is a welcome distraction and a great motivator for younger kids to keep going on the trail.

The trails were in good condition. There are a few steep sections, but the trail is an easy mile.

The trail was a little buggy, but to be expected for a summer of rain!

We enjoyed wildflowers along the way.

Berries along the trail.

Around halfway through the loop, there are views of the Normans Kill River as the trail runs along it.

There were a few muddy spots on the trail, but to be expected considering how much rain we have had lately. The muddy spots were easy to get by, and there were plenty of bridges and boardwalks to get through wet areas.

There was a Gnome Home hunt here in July 2021, but we still got to see the Gnome Homes on the trail.

Some jewelweed we saw along the path.

Pretty pink flowers along the trail.

At around a mile, this was an enjoyable walk. I like that this is a loop and that it goes down to the Normans Kill River as well, which offers nice views. Plus, the addition of the Story Walk and Gnome Homes make this an appealing trail for younger children.

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