Medical marijuana may be allowed in some states but it doesn’t mean they are fine in other States. Carrying of medical marijuana in other States will have policies or are restricted. Taking Medical Marijuana Across State Lines have their own rules. Medical marijuana has been helpful in several conditions specially in preventing symptoms to often occur and in relieving pains. 

Do Medical Marijuana Cards Work in Other States?

Although medical marijuana users have been evaluated and are qualified to carry medical marijuana with them, it doesn’t give them the right to bring their medication when traveling to other States. Medical marijuana access is only valid within the States where they were released. This is for the safety and security of medical marijuana users since different states have different restrictions. Although some states allow out-of-States medical cards not all accept it so better check the list before bringing them with you. 

What States Accept Out-of-State Medical Cards?

Arkansas, Hawaii, Maine·Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Utah, and Washington D.C. are the States allowing out-of-state medical marijuana cards. As of now, these are only the States that are open in allowing out-of-state medical cards, for the others they strictly prohibit it. Some may not be even open about medical marijuana use. So be careful when traveling since you can face federal offense if you are caught with your medicine despite having medical marijuana access.

How to Buy Medical Marijuana in Legal Medical States?

All States have their own process in buying cannabis for medical use or some allow recreational use. However, before being able to buy you have to acquire medical marijuana access from a physician.

Steps in Acquiring Medical Marijuana From Legal Medical States

  1. Get Diagnosis

To be able to be qualified for cannabis treatment you have to be diagnosed with your condition to know if you really need it. Since there are list qualifying conditions for each state. You can check on the website for each state since some may vary. Cannabis treatments should only be recommended by medical marijuana doctors since they are more familiar with how it works on illnesses.

It has a different effect on a patient’s body so using it when it is only recommended by a professional is an important part. Once you have verified that your illness is on the qualifying list, you can now move to the next step. 

  1. Get Authorization from a Doctor 

You can get certification from doctors who are willing to issue requirements regarding your cannabis treatment needs. If your doctor’s approval is done, he can directly recommend you to your dispensary pharmacy and have you listed as a medical marijuana user. As convenient as that as long as your doctor recommends that you need medical marijuana. In choosing a doctor make sure that they are medical marijuana doctors, so they have knowledge in medical marijuana, since not all doctors support medical marijuana 

  1. Buy at your Dispensary 

If your application is forwarded to the licensed pharmacy then you can have a medical marijuana certification  released then be listed in your dispensary as a medical marijuana user. You can just bring your Valid identification card with you to make your purchase. 

Taking medical marijuana across State lines will always have restrictions whether it’s in New York, Oklahoma ,Louisiana or other states but if you are from Louisiana, apply for a medical Marijuana card in TeleLeaf. To protect each state as well as for their safety. Medical marijuana has benefits that laws should still be followed when it comes to out-state-law. That’s why getting familiar with rules on taking medical marijuana across state lines is important for your own protection.