Imagine having an organised cleaning supply storage closet, with everything colour-coded and arranged by size, fragrance, and type. Instead, in most of our homes, the cleaning closet is a catchall for every item that doesn’t have an official “spot” in the house. Many homeowners struggle to maintain an organised cleaning supply storage closet but with the right approach, it is certainly a possibility. 

For many of us, being organised at home is merely a dream, the reality is a stark contrast to that fantasy. However, don’t worry, as, in most homes, the cleaning supply storage closet is just like what you’re used to in your home. It’s not unusual for the door to be cracked open a touch due to the number of oversized items stuffed inside. Instead of being neatly packed away, cleaning supplies are often thrown just about everywhere. The good news is with the right approach and a little effort, you can restore order to this often overlooked area of your home.

Continue reading to learn how you can create some form of order in your cleaning supplies cabinet and keep it that way well into the future.

  1. Use Vertical Stacking Space Smartly

Most cleaning supplies closets are narrow and tall, to allow for a long broomstick, mop, or cordless vacuum cleaner. You can install hooks at the top of your closet in order to keep equipment together. Hooks and hangers at different height levels will also provide hanging space for spray bottles, dustpans and window cleaners. If you don’t have shelves in your supplies closet, Cleaner Wiki suggests that you could install wire racks onto pegboards at heights that suit you. Wire shelving is fantastic for people who rent homes, and those who enjoy the freedom to frequently change the way they do things.

If you rent your home, you could simply hang a hold-it-all shoe caddy on the inside of the closet to arrange your cleaning materials. By using your vertical space, you will keep the floor of your supply closets clear for bigger, heavier, or more awkward items such as small ladders, or carpet steamers. 

  1. Assemble A Portable Cleaning Caddy 

Combine all the items you need to clean each room in the house into a handy basket or cleaning bucket to simplify the task of gathering cleaning equipment. Even a repurposed unused bin can work wonders when it comes to crafting DIY organisation solutions! Having cleaning ‘kits’ for each room, will allow you to move from room to room uninterrupted without forgetting an item, or making several trips back and forth to your closet. You could even have one caddy for the bathrooms that contains toilet disinfectant, sponges, brushes, rubber gloves, tile cleaner, and a set of new soap and toilet paper to make life even easier

A cleaning caddy for the bedrooms and general areas should contain a duster, furniture polish, and other cleaning agents. Some of the more inspiring storage divas out there have turned small mobile storage shelves on wheels into hotel-worthy “housekeeping” carts by adding hooks for rags and cleaning equipment and arranging their frequently used items onto organised shelves.

  1. Simple Storage Saves Time

It’s also good to get into the habit of organising your cleaning supplies and household items by type. For instance, have a shelf or basket for cleaning products, another for brushes and rags, and yet another for extra household items, such as new light bulbs, mop pad replacements, and rubber gloves. You can optimise storage space in your cleaning closet by installing adhesive hooks, ‘s’ hooks, towel bars, and adhesive bins in which you can organise your supplies.

If you buy your cleaning chemicals in bulk, or if you use homemade organic cleaners, colour coding items according to their use will go a long way to helping you identify what you may need. Labelling cleaning products clearly, either by function or by room, will also make it easier to delegate household tasks to your wider family too. Flat pouches make great companions in decluttering, so consider using them instead of bulky bags that eat up space that should have been for other items.

Save Time And Energy With An Organised Cleaning Supply Storage Closet

Ultimately, a neat storage closet will save you time and energy moving forward. Follow the tips outlined above to organise your cleaning supplies so you can find what you need when you need it to keep your home looking spick and span.