Who has time to cook? I know I should eat better, but I’m just so busy. Does this sound like you? Making every excuse under the sun to justify a poor diet. Well, even if some of your protests are genuine, we shouldn’t let them hold us back. We may well be short on time, but there is a way of cooking delicious and healthy cooking; welcome to the wonderful world of batch cooking.

What is Batch Cooking

The concept behind batch cooking is straightforward; we cook large quantities of a dish, usually in one pot, and we keep it to be used over a more extended period, often by freezing. Many batch cooking enthusiasts will make a single, large pot and divide it into single portions before storing it. This allows us to eat wholesome, healthy meals while freeing up our time working and living our lives to the fullest.

Who Would Batch Cook?

Batch cooking appeals to a wide variety of people. Young professionals working long hours and looking to save time, the time saved can really help; batch portions can also be used to take to work as lunch. Those with large families also can benefit from the efficiency of having an extensive array of meals in the freezer ready to go. Working parents not only have the pressures of professional life, but school runs, sports club drop-offs, and pickups, playdates, and more; it’s no wonder that they don’t always have time to cook.

Keeping it Organized

If we become especially caught up in the batch cooking craze, we will undoubtedly end up with many portions taking up our freezer space. To avoid confusion, we must implement an organized system for organizing our stock. Make use of label makers to tag each container with the contents and date of creation. Be sure to rotate the items in the freezer so that older batches do not get stuck at the back and go off.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Batch cooking is primarily similar to regular cooking in many ways. Choosing flavors and spices does not have to be boring just because we are making large batches. Like everyday cooking, we can get stuck in a rut with our batches; it doesn’t need to be all the same stews and curries every week. We need to use what we can to make the cooking experience more fun, get our creative juices flowing, and make it a fantastic experience

How Long Will it Keep?

Provided that the food is adequately prepared, it can last quite a while. By appropriately prepared, we are not commenting on the cooking method, instead what we subsequently do to prepare it for freezing. It is essential to bag it in a vacuum-sealed bag properly, flat-packed to allow for maximization of storage space, and this is particularly true of meat dishes that don’t have a sauce as freezer burn can be an issue. Most cooked dishes will last anywhere between 3-6 months before going bad.