If you are a bird lover and one of your pets gets stuck, you immediately need to take them to a professional so they can figure out what is wrong and get the proper treatment or medication. Since your animals are an important part of your life, finding and curing many ailments of your pets is the difference between them getting sicker and getting healthier once more. After all, you want your pets to be happy and healthy living with you in your house – and part of this requires the responsibility to take good care of them if something happens!

But where should you bring your bird if you start to notice worrying symptoms of an illness or they get into an accident? By bringing your bird to an avian veterinarian, you can ensure that they are in good hands and they will be treated with love and care.

The job of an avian veterinarian – bring your bird to Nautilus Avian and Exotic Veterinary Bricktown New Jersey for the best care!

First, you might be wondering – what is an avian veterinarian and how can they help my bird? Just like any other vet that specializes in certain animals, an avian vet specializes in helping brides who have various illnesses, diseases, and injuries to help them heal and keep them living a healthy and happy life. Bring your precious bird to Nautilus Avian and Exotic Veterinary Bricktown New Jersey for comprehensive care from an avian vet!

Avian veterinarians typically work in vet offices and focus on small animals, with their primary focus being on birds specifically. After having gone to school and gotten the proper licensing and education to be qualified to treat animals, they have been working their entire career to help treat illnesses, diseases, or injuries commonly found in various types of birds. 

When bringing your bird to a veterinary clinic, you can ask the avian veterinarian about their specialty. Typically, the veterinarian will focus on either companion bird practice or poultry. This means that companion bird practice vets focus on parrots, songbirds, or other common household pets, whereas the poultry veterinarian focuses more on farm animals that are helpful to farmers who have injured chickens or turkeys. 

Try and choose a type of avian veterinarian that focuses on the specific type of bird you own, whether it be a parrot, parakeet, or songbird. Once you choose the ideal vet for you and your needs, you can rest assured they will take great care of your bird by doing the following:

  • Physically examine and diagnose the illness or injury
  • Prescribe medications if needed
  • Set fractures (broken wings) or perform surgery
  • Provide you with advice about how to move forwards with your bird’s care


As you can see, finding a specialized and professional avian veterinarian is key to getting your bird happy and healthy once more. By going to Nautilus Avian and Exotic Veterinary Bricktown New Jersey, you can ensure you are always receiving top-notch care for licensed professionals who can help diagnose, treat, and care for your bird.