Studies show that with ABA therapy for kids, as many as 40-50% of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) attend mainstream schooling. This may come as a surprise for some parents and/or caregivers who may have previously believed their child would never be able to do so.

In this article, we answer questions like, “What is ABA therapy?” and explain how it works, and how to pursue treatment. Continue reading to help improve the quality of life of the child in your life with ASD. 

What Is ABA Therapy for Kids?

Some parents aren’t clear on ABA therapy’s meaning and how it can help their children. ABA stands for Applied Behavioral Analysis. With this type of therapy, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may learn to apply new skills in social situations and develop a higher quality of life. 

With ABA therapy for kids, children can improve a variety of skills. They can communicate their wants and needs more clearly as well as develop positive behaviors. The best part is that the treatment plan can be adjusted as needed to fit a child’s progress and unique needs. 

Therapy Assessment

Now that we’ve answered the question, ‘what is ABA therapy,’ we can discuss how it works. Start by searching for, ‘ABA therapy near me’ to get an assessment by a therapist trained in ABA. 

During this assessment, the therapist will work with your child and make notes regarding their behaviors such as which skills are challenging and which skills they excel at. 

Objectives and Plan

Once the assessment is complete, your child’s therapist can help set learning objectives and a concrete plan with how to achieve them. Parents and/or caregivers play an essential role in the treatment plans to help ensure success.

These objectives can include overcoming behavioral issues such as tantrums or increasing communication. Some therapists may recommend play-based therapy at Dream Big Children’s Center

The objectives are small and specific. The goals become more complex as they advance through their unique program. 


The next step in ABA therapy for autism is following through with the treatment plan laid out by the child’s therapist. Parents and/or caregivers receive training on how to implement the treatment plan. 

They are also equipped with information on how to handle their child’s unique struggles in a way that reinforces the work being done. For example, how to substitute positive behavior for inappropriate behavior. 

Monitoring Progress

The best ABA therapy for kids recognizes that each child is unique with their own sets of attributes, interests, and struggles. Their program reflects that diversity by being uniquely tailored to each individual child. 

Progress is monitored on an ongoing basis with data collection at therapy sessions. Adjustments are recommended and implemented as needed.

Does It Work?

The US Surgeon General and American Psychological Association both consider ABA therapy for autism to be a best practice treatment. The therapy has undergone scientific tests that support its effectiveness including in regard to long-term results. 

Consider ABA Therapy for Kids

ABA therapy for kids can help overcome challenges and barriers and lead to a higher quality of life. Start your search for “skilled professionals in ABA therapy near me”, and you can find a professional who can help you understand the true ABA therapy meaning and how the child in your life can benefit from it. 

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