Covid-19 has presented the world with some challenging times. School sessions have been interrupted, which has led to many young people indulging in drug abuse, mainly due to idleness. Some have even sought professional help, such as the one offered by As a parent, you should ensure your teen does not get carried away by the drug abuse wave. There are a few steps you can take to achieve that, as explained below. 

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The Steps

Teens who abuse drugs or get into alcoholism risk their health, lives, and safety. Therefore, it is imperative to be on the lookout by taking the following steps;

Know Their Mates

Peer pressure has been a significant contributor to drug and substance abuse among youths. Hanging out with the wrong company is a direct ticket to destructive behavior for your child. It is your responsibility to know your teen’s company. If their mates use drugs, your child will be tempted to experiment, too. Teach your teens the essence of self-respect and help them have a clear focus on their goals. 

Teach Them the Risk Factors

Your child may have learned a few things about drug abuse in school or from their mates. However, the information they gather is not adequate, and the only way to be sure is by having a sitting with them. The first step is to educate yourself about drug usage and addiction to put yourself in a better position to answer any questions your child may have. Educate them about risk factors, such as a family history of drug abuse. Moreover, give them clear information on all health conditions they may develop from drug usage, including depression. 

Look Out for Red Flags

You may assume your child is fine, but they are using drugs without your consent. If you suspect this might be happening, it is time to be on the lookout for any signs of drug abuse and address the issue accordingly. Withdraw from family, sudden change of friends, eating habits, sleeping patterns, concentration, and poor performance in school are some signs you should be alert about. 

Set Rules

Your teen should obey all the rules you set because they are still under your roof. When it comes to helping them stay away from substance use, the main rules to set should be in regard to parties. Be clear about the time they should report back to the house. You should also enforce severe consequences in case your teen breaks the set rules.

Be a Role Model

Being a role model to your teenage son or daughter means showing him or her how to live their lives healthily. If you stay away from drugs, chances are your child will also want to remain sober. If you drink, do so moderately and avoid consuming any illegal drugs. 

Get Professional Help

If you suspect that your teen is into drugs, and you have tried all the above steps, it is time to consult an expert in the drug abuse field. The person you consult can be a doctor, a counselor, or any other health care provider.

Why Do Teens Abuse Drugs? 

There are several reasons linked with drug abuse among young people. They include:

  • Stress
  • Low self-esteem
  • Boredom
  • Peer pressure
  • A history of drug use and abuse in the family
  • Environmental factors

It is sad to see your young daughter or son getting wasted away because of drug abuse. As a parent, it is time to learn how you can help your children stay away from drugs and substance abuse, and alcoholism. In most cases, the parent plays a pivotal role in influencing their child into drug abuse. That is why leading by example is among the critical points discussed above.