COVID-19 spoiled many plans last year. But now restrictions are easing down, and some couples are ready to pop up that special question. Are you also one of those people who are excited to propose to their partner? Are you eager for your big day and want it to come as soon as possible? Do not worry because you can propose in a special way even during the pandemic. Here are a few incredible proposal ideas that will get you a sure yes from your S.O. 

Mingle through Zoom

Lockdown showed us the value of people. But technology helped us connecting to them through Zoom calls. It became the most preferred method to stay in touch. So why not use that same method to pop up the big question? You can even invite your near and dear ones to witness your special day. Create a magical moment through a Zoom call and make your special someone yours forever!

Let a musician sing your special song

During last year, musicians and band owners were the worst affected due to the COVID-19 situation. But they offered personalized performances online for discerning patrons during the lockdown. So, if you want to make your day memorable, hire an acoustic singer and set up a romantic meet on Zoom. Amid the moment, open up your heart and uniquely surprise your partner.

Do it the traditional way

Safety is also one of the main things you must not forget even if you want to propose the traditional way. If you are gearing up to buy that dream diamond ring for your mate, choose online shopping. You can easily explore beautiful diamond Engagement Rings online while sitting on a couch sipping a hot cup of coffee. Pick the one she would love and surprise her with that stunning diamond ring that would make her say yes.

Recreate a romantic destination at home

You may not get to travel to your favorite romantic destination due to the pandemic, but you can surely create the feels at home. So, what can you do instead? You can recreate that place with its famous cuisines and a romantic background score to fit the aesthetic. You cannot propose at the actual romantic place, but you can surely bring the dream city to your home.

Propose with a mask on

Proposing with a mask on sounds weird, but you can. Face masks are now a part of life. But, you can also use it to surprise your partner and how. You can get your mask personalized with a design of your choice too. Write your ‘will you marry me?’ question and see that magical smile on your lover’s face after seeing it. Do not miss the chance to surprise her uniquely.

The pandemic gave ample chances to work and think differently, so why not plan out a proposal uniquely? It will be your big day, so do not let this opportunity pass you by. Utilize it smartly and surprise your lover with the best you can. You can take help from the above amazing ideas to keep that spark alive. Remember, your big day will never come back again, so make sure it is unforgettable.