Delivering and nurturing an infant is an overwhelming experience for a new mother. This phase comes with many lifestyle changes and preventive measures to safeguard your baby in all manners. 

You may have been treating your skin with paramount importance so far, but now is the time to do it all for your baby. Why? Because the baby’s skin is ultra-fragile which may lead to many skin-related allergies and issues if neglected for long. When talking about skin issues in babies, it’s hard not to talk about skin dryness or peel off. Generally, it happens in the first six months and goes on until the baby turns one. 

What is the reason behind it?

We know the consequences of skin peeling off or drying but do we really pay attention to the reason behind it? If not, you, as a new mother, are missing a significant aspect of baby care and upbringing. 

A newborn baby tends to change the skin in the first few weeks. During this phase, you may see several changes in your baby’s appearance. Some common changes include – complexion, hair color, and skin texture. This process begins right after the birth, and you may witness sudden skin peeling off, making the baby adapt to new skin. The peeling may start to appear in some specific body sections like feet, hands, ankles, etc. 

As it’s a natural process, you should not worry about it. Instead, make efforts to heal the skin properly. Researchers claim that some other reasons behind this unusual skin peeling include – eczema and ichthyosis. These conditions can turn serious if not treated for a long time. 

What are the standard ways to treat such dry skin issues?

Reduce the bath time – Your little life may be a water baby, but it can be a problem for the baby’s skin. Long baths tend to remove the natural oils from the baby’s skin. This can end up in many skin-related issues. Therefore, it’s advisable to cut down the bath time to 5 to 10 minutes only. Plus, replace hot water with lukewarm water as it can be a problem for the baby. 

Apply a quality moisturizer – Right after the bath, ensure to apply quality moisturizer on the baby’s body to hydrate it well. Ensure to go for a quality baby balm made with plant-derived ingredients as it is the best thing to comfort the baby’s sensitive skin. Apply baby balm or moisturizer at least twice a day to see remarkable results. 

Keep baby away from cold air – Exposing the little life to cold air can end up in poor consequences. If it’s necessary to step out in the cold with your baby, ensure to cover with a warm blanket adequately. 

The final takeaway – 

There is nothing that will stop this skin dryness or peeling off after birth. It’s a standard process where different skin layers shed while giving space for new skin to appear. Here, all you can do is reduce the dry patches on the skin by hydrating it appropriately. For this, ensure to use quality baby skincare products.