Are you considering a motorhome escape for 2021? Here are some great tips to enjoy a fabulous one.

1. Determine the age of the motorhome 

A majority of rental companies will always mention that their camping motorhomes are luxurious. However, it is wise to always do some research to find out if it is the truth. In other words, try to identify if the motorhome is luxurious for the 1980s, if you can enjoy driving in comfort, or if it has all the latest gadgets you wish.  

Remember, a slightly older motorhome may not be the ideal choice, especially if it has been driven a lot (of course, this is what rental companies will do and the source of their income). That is because if a motorhome has been driven a lot, they are highly probable to get damaged from wear and tear. We have heard many stories like roof leaking on the bed, some features are not working, others are breaking down, etc. 

2. The condition of the motorhome 

It is wise to check the condition of the motorhome before you leave. This is something you are allowed to do when hiring a motorhome. If the rental company does not offer you the chance to inspect their camping vehicles, we recommend that you approach the whole situation with caution. Remember, you are responsible for any damage you cause to the vehicle during your trip. As such, you do not want to end up paying for damages that were already there or hidden from view.

3. Airport Transfer Services    

One of the things that often throw people’s vacation budget off is the transportation to the motorhome rental company and back to the airport at the end of a trip. Well, to avoid this stress, look for a motorhome rental service provider that offers airport transfers before paying for the service. 

4. Do they allow pets  

If you are not planning to travel with your pet, we recommend looking for a pet-free motorhome. The truth is that pets drag everything into the motorhome (from mites to mud, dander, and other pests). Perhaps, find a dog friendly break here and spend time in peace and quiet in the right surroundings.

5. The number of seats is important 

Whenever you are planning a trip, the number of seats is something that must come to mind. In fact, it is the first thing people consider before leaving their homes or starting the trip. As such, if you are traveling with the whole family, first know the number of people the motorhome can accommodate in terms of seats. Remember, it does not matter the duration of your camping trip, everyone needs a seat at some point (Not only do they need a seat, but they need a comfortable seat that they can enjoy). Speak to our customer support team if you need help and recommendation. 

6. The bed size matters too 

When comparing different motorhomes, you will notice a huge difference when it comes to cost. That is because different motorhomes come with different designs, sizes, accommodation capabilities. What does this mean? It simply means that they differ in almost everything. For this reason, never ignore investigating the size of the bed. Remember, not all beds are the same and of the same quality. Some beds are suited for children, while others can accommodate a specific number of people.

7. Prepare for rainy nights and entertainment facilities 

The Scottish weather is unpredictable. For this reason, you may find yourself staying indoors for a whole evening, and this is why it is wise to ensure you have enough room for entertainment. This is why we recommend our clients to bring ag their favorite entertainment or check if the motorhome has the facilities to enjoy. Check that it can hold things such as bikes for a family cycle or even water sport equipment if you wish to partake in such activities. 

There are various ways one can entertain themselves ranging from board games with family, iPod ports for music, TV antennae, reading light, DVD player for watching favorite films, and so on.