Labrador retrievers are among the most lovable dogs in the world. They are so popular that even people with little to no experience with dogs can quickly identify this breed. You can find them playing with kids at parks or taking walks in the neighborhood. Also, many of them work as highly efficient drug detectors.

There are innumerable reasons why Labradors are among the most popular dog breeds ever. These lovable dogs are friendly, trainable, playful, and helpful, among other things. A bonus is that they are great with people of all ages.

What makes Labradors highly sought-after?

To better illustrate why Labradors are so loved, the following are some great attributes they possess. These are some of the exceptional qualities they have.

Loyal and happy

Labradors are incredibly loyal and have positive energy; their ever-wagging tail is proof of this affable nature. Their joyful disposition is contagious, lifting even the worst moods. While they may not essentially be guard dogs, they will often bark to indicate that strangers are around. 

Great with kids

One of the major reasons families adopt Labradors is that they are good with children. Of course, a new dog will need supervision around very young kids until it gets used to them. But they learn to get along with children quickly because they have a natural liking for them. They are patient and affectionate dogs who love spending time and playing with kids. Labrador retrievers puppies are a great addition to the family!

Friendly with other dog breeds

One of the prime reasons Labradors are among the most popular dog breeds is that they get along well with other dogs. They make no fuss and will take the initiative to make friends with another dog. You can take your labrador on a walk to the dog park and see this for yourself. This makes them popular among people who own different breeds.

Non-fussy eaters

It is a lesser-known fact that Labradors are prone to gaining weight because they love to eat – and they will eat just about anything you put in front of them. While it is good news that they make no fuss with food, care needs to be taken to give them healthy food. By maintaining a proper diet along with plenty of exercise, Labradors can live healthier, longer lives.

Remarkably trainable

Labradors have been used as service animals for as long as one can remember. They are used to sniff out bombs and illegal substances across the world. But did you know that they are popular therapy and assistance dogs? They are popular as guide dogs for hearing and sight-impaired individuals and can also detect epileptic seizures and allergies.

Athletic and low maintenance

Labradors are playful, vigorous dogs bursting with energy. They love playing fetch or simply running across open spaces. This type of active lifestyle makes them athletic and super fit. Also, they are easy to keep healthy as they do not need any special medical care. All they need is discipline, healthy eating habits, and lots of affection. Owners must, however, take them for routine veterinarian visits as a precautionary measure.

High tolerance to weather changes

Since Labradors can adjust to all kinds of extreme weather, they are the most popular dog breeds among families that move a lot. But while they stay unaffected by a hot or cold climate, it is wise to take a few precautions. For instance, if it’s too hot, you could make sure your dog has access to plenty of water and shade. Similarly, keep the dog indoors and warmed up during extreme cold.

Dog owners and experts can vouch for the fact that Labradors are intelligent animals with a friendly disposition. A bonus when it comes to picking Labradors is that they come in a variety of colors. You can choose a snow-white dog, a golden one, or a chocolate-colored pup.