What’s holding you back from hiring a housekeeper?

House cleaning is frequently written off as a frivolous expense. In media and movies, it’s often associated with “elites” and high earners.

Are the wrong narratives preventing you from using home cleaning services?

Look deeper, and you’ll discover housekeeping has several benefits. Most importantly, it can improve the quality of your life.

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Cleaning isn’t just surface deep. Learn more about the advantages of housekeepers.

1. Breathe Easy

Does your hay fever feel worse every year?

Years of dust buildup on furniture doesn’t help allergies. Dirty vents, dusty upholstery, area rugs, and carpets are also a problem.

Routine DIY cleaning is essential, but it’s not enough. Store-bought products don’t have the same quality as professional-grade items. Plus, professional cleaners are experts at removing dust from stubborn areas.

Conduct a simple test:

Rigorously clean your home or apartment a couple of times a week (or more) for 30 days, and log your progress. Log how many hours spent cleaning. Describe whether your allergies improved or stayed the same.

Next, hire a housekeeper for another month.

Ask yourself:

  • Did your breathing, sneezing, and sinuses improve?
  • Did the housekeeper remove more dust than the previous month?
  • How much time did you save cleaning?
  • What did you do with your extra time?

Asking these questions will help you estimate your return on investment. That’s why it’s important to compare and contrast DIY vs. professional house cleaning.

2. Enjoy Fewer Headaches and Fatigue

Did you know dust buildup also leads to aggravating headaches and migraines?

Studies show that sneezing and sinus problems worsen migraines during bouts of seasonal allergies. People who live with allergies are four times more likely to develop migraines.

Furthermore, household mold also increases the likelihood of migraines, fatigue, and respiratory conditions. Professional grade mold-removal products are more potent than regular, store-bought options.

Even impeccably clean dwellers could use extra help to decrease health risks. This point is especially important if you’re caretaking for an aging relative.

Start by hiring a housekeeper once a week. If you like the results, bump up the visits to twice a week. See if you save more money on headache and allergy medication.

3. Decrease Your Stress Levels

Everyone is prone to stress. Conditions like anxiety and depression heighten stress symptoms. Mess and clutter don’t help, either.

In fact, data reveals that clutter increases cortisol, a stress hormone in your body. Clutter overstimulates your brain, causing you to focus (and waste time) on the wrong tasks. Plus, how can you relax in such a frenzied state?

The negative consequences continue. Clutter increases the likelihood of being late to work. It’s also a roadblock to innovation and productivity.

If you’re pressed for time, you can always hire a housekeeper.

Measure your stress levels after a couple of weeks of professional cleaning. If you’re more productive, creative, and calm, housekeeping is worth the investment.

4. Enhance Your Home Office

Let’s go back to the point about productivity. If you work from home, you know the productivity struggle well.

Professional housekeeping is transformative for many remote professionals.

For example, remote workers are more isolated than other professionals. Isolation leads to loneliness which leads to depression. These problems directly impact at-home productivity.

Where does housekeeping fit in?

You already learned that clean spaces reduce stress. They also improve mood, which decreases the risk of depression. These benefits clear many roadblocks to performance.

Plus, a better mood makes it easier to socialize during breaks and off-hours.

Housekeeping enhances the home office experience. Go a step further and include essential oils. Calm lavender is wonderful for reducing stress, while lemon oil provides a nice energy boost in the morning.

5. A Housekeeper Can Improve Your Overall Mood

Remote workers aren’t the only ones who need to uplift their spirits. Clutter prevents everyone from enjoying life while increasing stress and depression. It’s impossible to maintain a good mood under such conditions.

Sound familiar?

Your mood is a good indicator of your quality of life. Mental health and regular cleaning are directly linked. You’ll notice a significant improvement in mood after the first cleaning.

Think of everything you could accomplish in a better mood. You could finally see past roadblocks and realize those home business goals. This article even delves into the benefits of housekeeping on your marriage.

If you can’t afford frequent house cleanings, that’s okay. Housekeeping services are available at varying price points. Plus, hiring a cleaner bi-monthly (or even once a month) can make a significant difference for your mental health.

6. Get Your Pet-Friendly Home Under Control

You love your furry four-legged friends. But let’s be honest: pets quickly take over. Before your know it, your home is steeped in pet hair, dander, and odor.

The impact on allergies is obvious. Plus, some breeds shed significantly more than others. It’s hard to rid carpets, fabrics, and furniture of odors and fur, despite your best efforts.

Advanced cases may also call for heavy-duty steam cleaning. These cleaners can be expensive for the average consumer. Instead, you could pay for a few house cleaning appointments.

7. Let Your Home Business Shine

Do you operate a therapy practice, personal training studio, or another business out of your home?

Your house is your place of business. Your living room is essentially your office lobby. You need a professional cleaning service like any other business.

A clean house will put your clients at ease. It’s also a form of customer service. Thus, happy clients are more likely to spread the word about your business.

Don’t let something as fixable as a dirty carpet derail your business dreams.

Sparkle and Shine

You’re so much more than your clutter. De-stress and live your best life with the help of a housekeeper.

Assess your quality of life afterward. Do you see an improvement in mood, productivity, and physical health?

Remember these benefits, and follow the blog for the latest family trends.