Plastic surgery is now more popular than it ever has been. Approximately 17.5M cosmetic plastic treatments are done each year in the U.S., according to the latest statistics. While it is becoming more commonplace and easier to obtain plastic surgery, it may feel a bit daunting when people start their search for an eligible plastic surgeon to whom they may entrust their treatment.

Having a strong set of minimum criteria may be a tremendous help. The following list offers a great starting point in researching possible candidates:

Board certification credentials

First, things first. Google the search term, “Top Plastic Surgeon in Atlanta” or “Top Plastic Surgeon near me.” Search for plastic surgeons who are board-certified by accredited governing bodies. Inside the world of plastic surgery, you will want a plastic surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

The top plastic surgeon in Atlanta should have proven results and experience 

The top plastic surgeon in Atlanta also should have relevant expertise and have the ability to demonstrate to potential clients real-life, actual results. Ask possible surgeons to see after and before pictures of their surgeries.

Excellent ratings by previous patients

Besides browsing before and after photographs, hearing of the experiences of previous patients before hiring a plastic surgeon will provide you a better understanding of what other people disliked or liked about their patient care and approach. Credible surgeons will have recent and consistently high ratings and excellent reviews from previous patients.

Stringent adherence to safety standards

Also, the top plastic surgeon in Atlanta will meet rigorous and stringent safety standards. Membership within professional organizations is a sign that the plastic surgeon maintained a high and proper level of education.

Accessibility to state-licensed and/or surgical centers

Plastic surgeons who do plastic surgery in state-licensed or accredited facilities make sure that they meet the highest patient safety standards. Those facilities are routinely inspected to make sure that they’re well maintained for surgery.

Complete patient consultations

The top plastic surgeon in Atlanta always should provide a comprehensive consultation. This consult ought to factor in the patient’s medical lifestyle and history, unique anatomy, and aesthetic goals. Patients need a plastic surgeon who takes some time to really understand her or his treatment needs and who can speak truthfully to realistic expectations and will help anticipate the experience of recovery.

Customized treatment plans

Once the patient and surgeon meet to openly and honestly discuss the patient’s unique situation and goals, the surgeon creates an appropriate and customized plan for treatment. Finding a plastic surgeon who is going to tailor your treatment will provide you a better opportunity of reaching your goals.

Finding an eligible surgeon may be made a lot more convenient with the assistance of a strong set of personal preferences, professional standards, and minimum criteria. Patients will feel a lot more confident about pursuing the surgery procedure they envisioned and reaching their goals once they’re able to find an excellent surgeon who can help guide them on their path.