Bringing your baby to the beach is fun, but it is also much different than going on your own! There are lots of things you need to prepare and pack for a successful beach visit. You will want to make sure that your baby is comfortable and that you have everything you need for an enjoyable time.

You will likely need your regular arsenal of baby supplies packed in your diaper bag. But there are some other things to keep in mind when it comes to a hot day at the beach.

Natural Sunscreen

If you need to put sunscreen on your baby, make sure that it is as natural as possible! Your baby’s skin is delicate, and you also don’t want to expose your child to chemicals. Choose something that is safe and gentle. I often refer to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) website when I want to look up a particular sunscreen for our family, and you can check out their website here.

Sun protection

In addition to sunscreen (or instead of it), you can use products that protect your baby from the sun. This can be a hat, rash guard, sunglasses, sun shade, umbrella, etc. We loved having a sun shade or sun tent on the beach, so that we had a place to escape from the sun. This also gives you a place where you can set up your essentials without having to sit in the sand.

You may want to consider reducing the amount of sunscreen you put on your baby by dressing them in a rash guard and hat. This way you can eliminate the fuss of applying sunscreen or chemicals on your baby. There are so many great options (like this adorable RuffleButts suit below!).

Swim Diapers

Make sure to bring along both regular diapers and swim diapers. Have some small trash bags on hand to throw away any diapers.


There are lots of cute options out there for your little one. Also keep in mind things like sun protection, and suits that make for easy changing. You may want to opt for a 2-piece suit or one that zips up so that you aren’t struggling with a one-piece.

Large sheet or picnic blanket

If you are not using a beach tent, bring a large blanket or sheet to set up on. You will probably also want a beach umbrella to set up in.

Beach shoes

Check out beach and water shoes for your baby as well. You’ll want to protect those delicate feet from hot sand, rocks, or other things that may be in the water.


Pack some things to keep your little one entertained. This could be anything from teething toys to beach toys. You want your baby to stay occupied and not fussy. The beach is a wonderfully sensory place for little ones. You can find inexpensive beach toys even at the dollar store. It is a good idea to have a mesh bag to carry toys and other sandy items in.

Ways to stay cool

It is important to keep your baby cool and hydrated if it is hot. This can be anything from staying in the shade in a tent or under an umbrella, to bringing a cooler with some cool items to eat or drink. I have even heard people bringing a portable fan or spray bottle so they can mist their little ones. Of course, there is always the lake or ocean!