“I loathe narcissism, but I approve of vanity.” – Diana Vreeland…

That’s what exactly tunes up with summer flamboyance; you, me and we all must adhere to it, isn’t so? However, at the same time another peril that notches souls, is being prudent to skin care as the season is infamous to skin irritation on it’s darker side. 

So, how to deal with the problem while taking away the vibe of dazzling summer flaunting?…If this is the question stumblems upon you, then the best answer could be–blowing and blending personal care and vain into one pivot! 

Therefore, folks and tycoons who eagerly wait year around for the season between June and August to land up here are eight beauty tips absolutely curated for the season. Notch all these up and lit the fanoos of glaring fashion sense by all means. Oh..one more thing most of these can easily be grabbed from your favourite fashion one stop gate, ULTA, and using Ulta coupons you can redeem a sharp 70% on all it’s products! Hence, wanna be lucky enough?! Let’s play the game…

8 summer beauty items you must try before putting up the foundation on your face…

1. Sun care & protective kits

Majority of summer health issues grow from skin; rashes, pimples, fungal contamination, sunburn is as prosaic as cazed by viral fever in winter. Therefore, armouring against sunburn and rashes, taking up an efficient summer moisturizer having main elements of Vit-C and other useful composition and along with a UV ray protected Sunscreen is a must. You may choose one any of Neutrogena, Elta MD, Dr. Dennis Gross, which is largely famous for making skin care protectors.  

Despite sunscreen, you also have to be a bit finicky on anti sunburn cream, mineral power, UV protection gel while purchasing. Be quite serious while choosing brands despite looking at composition and price. By the way, you may observe fair types of their availability with varying brands at Ulta and may redeem one free at purchasing any two skin care products.

2. Be specific to PH balanced face cream, face pack and bath items

As face mirrors as well as complete the definition of beauty being obsessed with face grooming kits, starting from face wash gel to face cream is quite common. Hence, do give a routine glance to the ingredients, pay a serious attention to PH balance and mineral composition which becomes major leverage to facial health and then of course the brand matters. You may try Active C10 Vit-C anti wrinkle summer face cream of La Rossesy, costs $49.99 at Ulta as a reliable product. It’s consists of all vital elements which should have there for your face’s salubration.

On the other hand, you have to be choosy on Bath items as well. For being summer, you try the composition of lavender, peach, lemon body soaps and body gels that are composed of useful aquatic minerals as well. Frank Body, OUAI, Ulta watermelon 3 in 1 body cleansing gels could be suggestive options for you if you are keen on trying budget friendly summer care items with impressive benefits. You may save up to 60% on these using SallyBeauty coupons

3. Tan detoxer and brightness enhancer

Dealing with tanning and deep tan marks is another scathing effect of summer, especially for those who live vicinity to coastal lines. Therefore, putting inside an anti tan detoxer and suitable tan removing cream must be your summer beauty kit. Don’t get baffled around the brands, use PACIFICA coconut & charcoal detox scrub, glowing and skin enhancer from FIFTH & ROOT and similar top brands that will never make you hapless on the result. 

As tan detox remover comes both in scrubber and as simple cleanser, be adhesive with their usage norms. And while putting these up you just ensure proper hydration of the skin otherwise, it could generate negative feedback.

4. Hair protective kit

Just like the skin, hair types are also vibrant and vary according to genes which may impact straight hair, curly, frizzy, wavy, shining hair, rough texture, etc. However, on average high sun may turn your hair dull and rough or just cause your scalp is rife with dryness and dandruff. Therefore, selecting a shampoo along with hair oil and serum could be a little painstaking. And let it be but you can’t indulge with shampoo quality and performance. You may opt for herbal hair washer than those generally minerally composed which is rather perfect on wet and damp days. 

Despite, suitable shampoos and serums you can also roll your eyes on an efficient hair scrubber, protein mask which all together becomes a strong shield to your hair protection. Do try Briogeo, Sea shine shampoo & conditioner, Coco & EVE scalp mask, AG Hair, Naturelab, Tokyo as popular hair health brands, handy from $20 onwards. Choose any product based on your hair type and nurturing requirement.

5. Fragrance, body mist and arm roller

Another prominent devil throughout the season is constant body odor. Therefore, being accompanied by suitable deodorant, fragrance, body mist and arm roller is a matter of concern. Do indulge your distinct taste of perfume and notes. You may lean on wooden and husky notes or could more align to aquatic pungent exotism. Choice is also up to you while choosing the genre; whether it should be herbal or industrial. However, it’s redundant to expel that harbel body mist is more compatible for skin health. 

Give a try to ESCADA Eau De Toilette if your passion sticks up for a rich and elegant note or lean away your sight to HOMEWORX which is delightfully replete with waterlily notes. In the same way you may use the arm roller from ESCADA. At the same time do indulge to explore all other brands specified for fragrance and let your body smell fresh throughout.

6. Be choosy on moisturizer and skin hydration

As the body could be trapped by dehydration due to perspiration, put your glance up at necessary  skin hydration. Therefore, choose a pair of moisturizers that have enough hydrating elements and vit-c composition. You may also look upon the doctor’s recommendation rather than choosing a random brand. And make sure to sip enough water which is always robust to combat summer menace.

7. Opt for glowing masks and light make up kit

As itchiness and rashes are major demons of the season avoiding heavy making masks is always a wise option. As a replacement, you may use skin glowing masks from FIFTH & Root, Sea salt body soak, soothing eye mask, dark circle remover from PUR, and gentle lip balms to make these soft and tender rather than smearing heavy coating of lipsticks. All these are great in terms of effectiveness but could be a little expensive at times. But don’t worry about that too, as you can groove out an adorable discount from several makeup and beauty products selling websites such as Sephora, Fashion Nova, Bed, Bath and Beauty. So, keep on searching with a brave heart.

8. Fancy bags

Notions of flaunting just remain incomplete without being accessories by matching bags. Hence, this summer to lit up another perception of fashion soars a roar to the heterogeneous collection of stylish tote bags, available at ULTA. You are free to indulge with knitting styles as well as colours; hand weaved, or machine printed etc. Well, you may also try the conventional types as well such as various types of slings and pouch holders.

Thus, I hope you can trace at least a few important particles from this blog which puts it’s talon more on healthy beauty tips than rigorous heavy makeup hints. Thus, be a commensurate infusing notes of makeup and healthy beauty ideologies the way you want. Enjoy summer and keep on flaunting.