Silicone bands have actually only been a choice for a couple of years now; however, they have increased in popularity worldwide. The universal symbol of lifelong commitment no longer must be represented by a gold band, and traditional metal rings are having trouble keeping up in a world in which people need this vital accessory to fit in with their busy lifestyles, and not the other way around.

Times certainly have changed, and metal rings do not suit every woman’s needs anymore. Over time, women have tried a lot of alternatives: textile rings, wooden rings, and bone rings, yet none held up the way that metal rings did. Until now, that is.

Therefore, instead of choosing to leave your ring at home daily (which a lot of women do)—silicone rings are the ideal compromise for those whose lifestyles do not suit traditional rings yet still want to wear symbols of their love.

Silicone rings offer a level of breathability and comfort, are engineered to keep the air in and moisture out, offer many unique and creative colours, and allow you to pick what suits you best. See more on options of silicone rings for women. Let’s dive into more benefits of silicone rings:

Why are silicone rings for women so popular?

It has been a longstanding issue for women who work with their hands yet want to show off their dedication to their spouses. They ask themselves, “Should I try to work around my ring or just leave it at home?” Silicone rings for women are the ideal solution for people who don’t like metal rings, need something durable and strong, and do not want to be concerned with getting their wedding band wet or dirty.

Silicone bands are:

  • Safe and non-toxic, an excellent option if you’re concerned with injuring your finger with a metal band
  • Waterproof and UV resistant, good for outdoor activities or swimming 
  • Durable and strong, they stretch to fit the finger if it slightly changes size 
  • Very affordable, so may be replaced if it’s lost

How long will silicone rings for women last?

Silicone rings for women are strong enough to wear daily in any type of weather yet will also break and give way while placed under extreme pressure. It’s actually a great thing because it means that your fingers remain safe, and the ring is affordable enough that it can be replaced.

It isn’t likely to be passed on to the grandkids, but it’s absolutely durable enough to last several years. These rings will not scuff or scratch and will look fantastic for a long time without very little maintenance.

Best silicone wedding rings 

The best silicone rings for women are lightweight on your finger and are designed of medical-grade silicone. It’ll feel comfortable, not bulky—although it may take a little time to get accustomed to wearing any kind of ring if you have not worn one on the ring finger before!

Make sure to check the reviews before you purchase anything because even though it is a fairly inexpensive item, there still are some cheaper knockoffs that will not meet your high-quality standards.