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If you’re a female medical professional, then chances are you know what it’s like to feel self-conscious when it comes to your work attire. You want to look professional and attractive simultaneously, but sometimes there doesn’t seem to be enough room for both of those things in one outfit.

Luckily, we’ve got some fashion tips to help you with your wardrobe. Keep reading below for our list of 11 steps on how to dress professionally as a woman in the medical field.

Things You’ll Need:

  1. White button-down shirt
  2. Dark blue or black slacks
  3. Black shoes with heels
  4. A white lab coat to wear over the suit
  5. Knee-high socks
  6. A stethoscope
  7. Medical watch with a metal face and band

11 Steps on How to Dress

Step One: Wear a White Button-Down Shirt

When you’re starting to put together your outfit for the day, reach for that button-down shirt. It is important because it will give an air of professionalism and cleanliness in addition to looking sharp on its own as well! A white button-up is also more formal than other colors like blue or pink, so it’s perfect for a medical setting.

Step Two: Wear Dark Blue or Black Slacks

Next, you’ll want to put on your slacks. Again, dark blue or black is best because that will match the shirt and lab coat colors while looking professional as well. You can also wear pants in other colors like khaki or olive green.

Step Three: Wear a Lab Coat and Tie

After putting on your slacks, you’ll want to put on a lab coat over the shirt with the tie in it (or tuck if not needed). This is important because this will help cover up any mistakes made while dressing. Now you’re ready to head into the office!

Step Four: Wear Knee-high socks

After you put on your lab coat, it’s time to look for the right type of socks. To do this, make sure to wear knee-highs in black or dark blue and not white because those would be more for nurses and other professionals who deal with patients directly.

Step Five: Choose a Pair of Shoes

After pairing some good socks, the next thing you want to choose are shoes. When looking for shoes, there are lots of brands and type you can choose from. You can go with black, brown, or any other type that looks good on your feet. However, you can also check the best shoes for female doctors to match your own comfort. Now’s the time to polish them up and make sure they look great before heading into work.

Step Six: Put on a stethoscope 

Put on your stethoscope. This is one of the most important pieces for a doctor! Be sure to choose a good quality stethoscope. Now’s the time to polish it up and make sure it looks great before heading into work.

Step Seven: Put Your Hair Up in a Bun

If you’re like me, you often wear your hair down. This can quickly get messy and cause a lot of trouble for the female doctor. The best way to avoid this is by putting it up in a bun. You don’t want anything out of place when working with patients!

Step Eight: Add Some Accessories

You can add some great accessories like watches and jewelry. You can wear any accessories that you want, but I usually keep it simple and add some earrings or a necklace.

Step Nine: Check Yourself Out in the Mirror

It’s time for a final check! Look at yourself and see if any pieces need to be fixed. If there is, now is your chance before heading out of the house or office (depending on where you work!). It’s important to look professional and clean when working as a female doctor – you want people to take you seriously.

Step Ten: Put On Your Professional Smile

This is a very basic but important step to becoming a doctor. You can wear any accessories that you want, but I usually keep it simple and add some earrings or a necklace. The final thing to do is put on your professional smile! Be confident in yourself when wearing this outfit because first impressions are important.

Step Eleven: Don’t Forget to Be Yourself!

This is the final step. It’s so important not to be afraid of who you are when wearing this outfit because that will translate into your job as a doctor and make it more difficult for people like me (or other doctors) to take you seriously if they can tell that you’re not confident in yourself.

Some Fashion Tips & Advice for Female Doctors

1) Make sure you keep your makeup light and natural. The last thing people want is to talk about how dark or colorful someone’s lipstick shade was when they’re at their appointment. (I like wearing a subtle red lip gloss)

2) Don’t wear too much jewelry as it can be distracting for patients during appointments.

3) A nice pair of comfortable flats are all you need for shoes. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and these days there are some great affordable brands like Steve Madden and Target who carry cute styles!

4) Wear clothes in shades of blue. It can symbolize empathy and calmness.

5) Wear a dress that is easy to move in, preferably with short sleeves and modest necklines for easier access when treating patients.

6) Find clothes that fit you well, so they are comfortable enough to wear throughout the day without needing an outfit change (I like wearing dresses from Old Navy or Lululemon that are fitted and stretchy).

7) If it’s cold outside or during colder seasons, keep warm by wearing a hat, scarf, gloves, and a cute coat (I like coats from The North Face).

8) If you work with patients, wear something that is easy to clean if it gets messy by using an all-white outfit or clothes in the color blue for empathy!


If you are female doctor and looking for tips for daily wear, check out these tips on our blog post! There are many different styles of clothing that women can wear in the medical field. Find your style and make it work for you with our guide on how to dress like a female doctor.

We hope this article has helped give you some insight into what kind of fashion is appropriate for healthcare professionals and how to find clothes that suit your personal taste. Maybe now’s the time to update your wardrobe. If you want more information, feel free to reach out, and we’ll provide additional resources about this topic.