Are you ready for diaper changes? Or are you imagining a confusing stink-fest that’s filling you with dread every time you think about it? If you fall more into the latter group, or you simply want to improve your diaper changing game, the following tips should make the job a whole lot easier: 


Photo: Shelbey Miller/Unsplash

  1. Open the Diaper Rash Cream Before You Start

Baby rash cream is essential, so make sure you have the open jar handy before you touch the dirty nappy. To make sure that it doesn’t stick to your hands after applying it, use a baby rash cream brush to enjoy a hassle-free application.

  1. Make Sure You’ve Got the Right Diaper Size

If messes happen too often, it could mean that the baby’s diaper is too small, and you may need to buy a bigger one. This is especially likely if you’ve noticed marks on the baby’s bottom. If the diaper is too big around the leg area, you might get leakages as well.

Remember that disposable diaper straps are adjustable, so don’t feel too scared to experiment with a bigger size even when the diaper packet says otherwise. The most important thing is for your baby to be comfortable. 

  1. Keep a Packet of Diapers in Your Diaper Bag

Have you heard of Murphy? Well, Murphy’s Law states that when you are in dire need of a diaper, there won’t be a single one in sight! 

Jokes aside. Your little one has no set time when it comes to making a mess, so you need to ensure that you always have a diaper ready to go at any time.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for new mums to leave home without packing extra diapers. To prevent this from happening, have a spare packet of nappies in each diaper bag.

These diapers should only be touched when you have no other choice or forget to pack others in the bag. That way, you can rest assured that you will always have spares with you.

  1. The Receiving Blanket

People love to give receiving blankets as gifts, and while they come in handy for the first few months, eventually they serve no purpose at all. So, what can you do with them?

Place the receiving blanket over your baby’s change mat for a mess-free clean. You can simply throw these blankets in the wash when things get overly messy without worrying about the change mat getting dirty.  

Oh, and don’t forget a diaper bin to throw used diapers in after each change session. They come with scented refill bin packets to make sure that no awful smells fill the air in your baby’s room.

  1. Make Nappy Changes Fun

To avoid messy nappy changes that are equally tiring for you and your screaming child, a good idea is to sing your baby’s favorite nursery rhymes while changing them. Nothing works better than a good nursery rhyme to soothe an irritable baby.

Have bath toys ready as well, and use them to keep the baby distracted. That way, they won’t feel compelled to grab the diaper while you’re trying to change them. 

  1. Take notes

As a new parent, it’s important to keep track of how regularly your baby requires a diaper change. A pediatrician usually asks about this during your first few visits. Constantly monitoring your baby’s diaper is ideal during the first few months as it can tell you whether your baby is sick or healthy.

Grab the nappy rash cream and baby powder, and get ready to start changing some diapers! With these tips, the whole thing should be a breeze.