Social media can be one of the most profitable marketing channels for your businessIt has many advantages, such as a good connection with the customers and increased awareness of your brand. The advantages it has attracted so many business people and made them prefer it over other marketing channels. The majority of the people who want a broader market for their businesses have now moved their businesses to social media.

With more than 60 social media marketing platforms available, you would ask yourself which ones among them will give you a good result. Therefore if you are looking for the best social media platform for your business, you should consider the ones listed below.

    1. YouTube

It is a platform majorly for video sharing, and it is one of the things that attract users because they believe in what they see rather than what they read. Although it faces a lot of competition from other platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat, it has more than 2billion monthly users. Therefore, it has become a platform where people visit for various reasons such as entertainment and learning various things. Don’t forget to buy YouTube subscribers for your business. 

     2. Facebook

Facebook is the most common and active social media platform with over 1billion users every day all over the world. It, therefore, goes without saying that it is one of the most preferred platforms for business marketing. Every business targets a given group of audiences depending on the nature of your business and what they sell. With a large number of Facebook users, it is the best platform that will help you find your target audience.

You may also ask yourself how the platform generates income. It does that through Facebook ads, and it can also help you build a list of emails that will help you get new customers. Facebook also gives you a chance to interact with your customers and therefore build a good relationship with them. A good relationship with your customers will make them trust you and your business hence avoid losing them.

     3. Instagram

Instagram is also another active social media platform that has grown very fast and now has more than1 a billion active users every day.  The high number of active users makes it the best platform for marketing a business. It started as a platform for sharing photos only, but with time, it has moved to share videos also. Therefore, it builds trust in customers because they can see what you are talking about through videos and listen through voices.

Instagram users majorly consist of young people, and therefore if your target audience falls in the bracket, it turns out to be the best platform for your business. It is also the best platform for people who like shopping through their mobile phones. Instagram also has a special feature called checkout that enables the customers to buy directly from their Instagram accounts.

     4. Twitter

It is one of the best social media platforms for businesses and is even used by celebrities such as music artists and even the president to share news and other stories. The platform being used by celebrities and other prominent people has attracted so many users with various intentions, such as to get news updates and political trends. It is a platform with a lot of competition. Still, the secret to succeeding in using it is using its own marketing strategy and preparing several tweets per day with quality content.  


There are several social media platforms you can choose from to market your business, but your choice will determine your business’s prosperity. Therefore if you are just getting started, the list above can be a great choice for your start.