Being a mother is a life-changing experience. Not only you’d be taking care of your child, but you also need to secure their future. As you bring life into this world, you want to provide them with the best life possible. That said, you may want to re-enter the workforce.  

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After completing your maternity leave, you may need to re-enter the workforce to continue fulfilling your duties. While it can be challenging to leave your little one behind, there are tips and tricks on how you can continue to earn as a mother, as listed below:  

  1. Look For Remote Work  

Some people might be terrified of the idea of working remotely, especially if they don’t have any idea where to start. Don’t worry, there are plenty of platforms you can find online like MotherWorks. And you should be able to find the perfect remote work for you.

If you have a working computer at home, you might want to start looking for remote work which allows you to work right from the comforts of your home. In this way, you can continue to tend to your child’s needs while still earning a few bucks. You can easily search for the best jobs for moms, which allows you to see options that fit within your crazy schedule.  

  1. Consider Working From Home 

If your previous work usually consists of office work which you’ll only need your computers for, you might want to consider connecting with your employer about giving you a work from home set up.  

Moreover, you should lessen your expectations with a work from home setup as not every company is open to having those features in their business for security reasons. However, if you know someone in your office who works from home, your chances could be high, especially if you have a valid reason to do so.  

When you work remotely, expect you’ll be needing to have a good work setup, fast internet connection, and steady energy source to allow yourself to perform your tasks effortlessly. You should also prepare for an increase in your electricity bill as you’ll be needing to turn on your computer for eight hours daily.  

  1. Look For Work Near Your Home 

If you can’t find remote work, it may be time for you to go back to office work so you can allow yourself to earn money. 

As you look for new work, try to search for companies near your area, so you don’t have to waste time traveling. Long travel times decrease your time spending with your kids. 

When looking for work, you can use online platforms. Try to use their filter feature, allowing you to see work vacancies near you. Apart from searching online, you may want to travel to different companies yourself so you can have an idea of how far they are. You can look for the easiest and fastest route to get there.  

If you already have work, you may want to talk to your supervisor and ask if they can assign you to a nearer branch. However, this is only applicable if your company has branches and your line of work is available at their other offices. 

  1. Prepare Your Children  

As you go back to work, not only do you need to prepare emotionally to being away from your kids, but you also need to prepare your children as they’ll not be seeing you for longer hours during the day.  

For your older children, talk to them about you going back to work and when they should expect you to leave and arrive home. Explain to them why you need to go back to work. Put them in good hands by allowing an excellent babysitter to care for them.  You can also bring them to a trusted relative to tend to their needs during the day.  

For your younger children, you should train them by leaving them to someone you trust for short periods and gradually increase the intervals. In this way, they can prepare for the day when you need to leave for work.  

  1. Connect With Other Parents 

Going back to work can be an emotional roller-coaster ride for you as you’re leaving your little kids at home while you go out to earn for the family. Even if you’re working from home, the process won’t be easy since it’ll be challenging to find a single hour when you can have peaceful work. You need to prepare for the challenges as going to an office and working from home are both challenging in their own ways.  

While you can always get the support you need from your partner, it’ll be helpful to find help from your fellow moms who are going through the same struggles as you. In this way, you can connect with someone who can truly understand you and give you tricks and encouragement on being a working mom.  


Going back to work as a mom is challenging. But with the various options you have today, you can look for one that best fits your schedule and lifestyle. Just ensure you never stop learning and you do everything for your kids.