We enjoy going on local hikes, and I have been wanting to visit the Winn Preserve for a while. This hike is not far from Altamont and is easy to find.

We had no problem finding the preserve using Google Maps, and it is not far from Altamont, NY.

There were about a half dozen parking spots. It was nice to see a decent amount of parking, and if there is no parking left, you could head to Thacher Park, Bozen Kill Preserve, or some others in the area.

There is also a nice trailhead with information.

The Winn Preserve has about 2 miles of trails. We found the trails confusing, but figured out the system of loops as we hiked. You can find an official trail map here.

There are some audio clips along the way, which have some interesting facts to listen to. We did notice some errors between the clips and the trail system, but fortunately it wasn’t enough to get lost.

The landscape changed during the hike, from wooded areas to more open paths.

We saw some spring flowers along the way, like these white trillium flowers.

We also saw some ramps (wild onions) here.

On the higher parts of the trail, there was an overlook to the left.

There were lots of limestone formations on the higher parts of the property.

“The upper elevations of the property are predominantly creviced limestone bedrock at the surface with very little soil (limestone pavement). The edge of the Helderberg Escarpment runs through the property with extensive rock outcrops and steep cliffs.”

There were some crevices like this, but not on the trails themselves.

There were a few spots with an overlook and a great view. These views reminded me a little bit of our hike at Keleher Preserve.

Below the cliffs, the bedrock is Schenectady shale and sandstone. There are no outstanding distant views because the property is heavily wooded. Apparently, because of the surficial limestone, the property has an extensive ground cover of Canadian yew (or ground hemlock).

There is a cabin on the premises, used for research.

Despite visiting other quite muddy trails in the area, the Winn Preserve trails were in good condition, with only a few muddy spots and some “stepping stones” to get us through.

Overall, this was a nice hike with a variety of different scenery. The trails were in good condition but the trails were a little confusing.

Check out the Winn Preserve at the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy website:


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