After a long week, moms need to have moments of self-care to rest and recharge before school and work picks back up again. Carving out these moments of wellness is necessary to your health and wellbeing, no matter how hectic your schedule may seem.

Credit: Pixabay

While wellness can mean many things to many women, there are several practices designed to help you find the right work-life balance for your lifestyle. There are no wrong answers when it comes to self-care. Ultimately, it’s essential to prioritize your wellbeing so you can bring that renewed energy into the rest of your life.

When the weekend arrives, try to incorporate one or all of these wellness practices into your routine.

Unwind Unconventionally

The rise of CBD products has grown from a taboo topic to a mainstream wellness practice. Many adults, including moms, look to CBD as an alternative way to de-stress and improve their sleep. Cannabidiol — known as CBD — is the chemical compound that comes from the cannabis plant, but unlike THC, it does not have any psychoactive properties. Instead, CBD has been used in many areas of everyday life as a healthy way to lower anxiety, decrease blood pressure, and ease muscle pain, among other therapeutic benefits.

Suppose the world of CBD is new to you, and you’re unfamiliar with things like edible dragon fruit chews or CBD-infused herbal tea. In that case, it’s important to conduct enough research to determine which products are right for you — when it comes to doses, it’s always best to start with less than 10 mcg. As you monitor your body’s reaction, you can make an informed decision when it comes to upping your dosage.

While the idea of incorporating CBD may seem unconventional, it’s worth exploring as you figure out what your wellness journey means to you.

Try Yoga

Yoga has been a go-to practice for modern mindfulness and relaxation for decades. When you’re juggling a family, work, or other responsibilities, finding those moments of zen is more crucial than ever. The benefit of yoga is the versatility available when it comes to selecting a practice that’s right for you. If you’re new to yoga, there are plenty of beginner tips available to get you started. 

Once you become more comfortable, you can experiment with advanced classes. The practice of yoga is designed to create awareness within the body and mind. When you’re juggling family responsibilities, this type of mindfulness is essential.

Immerse Yourself in Stories

Sometimes, taking yourself out of your reality and immersing yourself in a story is all you need to recharge your batteries. Books can transport us to other worlds for brief periods, and with the right environment, it can be a beneficial wellness practice that moms can take with them wherever they choose. Whether you prefer to be in your backyard, a cozy nook in your room, reading is a simple, cost-effective way to unwind and entertain your mind after a long week.

Increase Your Steps

When it comes to keeping your mind and body in the best possible shape, exercise is the simplest way to achieve those results. Whether that means long walks around your neighbourhood, morning hikes, or runs, increasing your steps is a great way to carve out that time for yourself — whether you prefer to be alone with your thoughts and take in your surroundings, or you enjoy exercising to music, it’s an entirely unique experience.