The pandemic has got us all working from home, spending over time, stuck to our seats for endless hours attending meetings after meetings. A surge in this sedentary lifestyle has accelerated weight gain and obesity. If, like many others, fitness is one of your top goals for 2021, then we are here for your help.

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Not everyone can afford to splurge on gym memberships, especially during the pandemic, when inflation is at its peak and layoffs, and budget cuts are a norm. The good news is, getting fit does not have to put a dent in your pocket. There is plenty you can do from the comfort of your home to stay in shape. If you want to learn how to get the best of both worlds, fitness while saving dollars, stay with us. Here are four budget-friendly tips that will keep your weight and bank balances in check.

  1. High Nutritious Diet

One of the fastest ways to curb your daily expenses is to quit eating greasy fast foods and start cooking at home. You can get a fresh, healthy meal for much cheaper rates than those you buy from an outlet and that too in your desired proportion. Cooking for yourself gives you the upper hand to decide which ingredients you put on your plate and how you choose to cook them. Fast foods are prepared in extremely high amounts of oil. On the other hand, cooking at home gives you the freedom to steam, boil, sauté, eat raw or air-fried meals with less sodium and no MSG, giving you the taste of good health in every bite.

Due to the growing culture of fast food, there has been a significant increase in the development of chronic diseases among people. Some of these include high blood pressures, stroke, diabetes, asthma, etc. Given the rise in healthcare issues, more and more education institutions are encouraging students to opt for advanced education programs such as an MPH online degree to spread awareness and information regarding the influence of behavioral health on individual wellbeing.

  1. Bring the Gym to Your Home

Not only are gyms expensive, but they are also public places with a high risk of getting infected. Who needs the gym when you can do it all from the coziness of your lounge? Gyms charge initiation and monthly fees, and if the facility is small, there is an added waiting time to use the equipment. However, bringing inexpensive gym equipment and virtual cycling videos at home will enable you to decide what time suits you best for the workout, and there is no waiting time or fees involved.

If you enjoy working out with gym equipment, you can get inexpensive items online. However, this is not a necessity. Just get yourself a few dumbbells, a yoga mat, and you are all set to get fit and fine. Moreover, there are plenty of low-impact exercises you can do without any equipment, such as burpees, lunges, push-ups, squats, donkey kicks, and yoga.

  1. Say Hello to Free Fitness Gurus

An individual fitness trainer at the gym can add to your costs. Instead, look into fitness programs. They offer insights into the various exercises that a trainer would recommend but at a lower price. These programs vary from a few weeks to months and can be tailor-made to your individual needs. If you are thinking, these programs will flush out too much of your income. Do not worry; we’ve got you covered. 

New fitness channels are popping up daily over the internet that offers free nutrition and fitness advice. Along with exercises, you get a plethora of free advice on how to get the maximum impact from your workout routine. It doesn’t get better than that. Moreover, you can choose your free trainer based on your fitness level, and if there is something you do not like, you can move on to another trainer without losing a single penny in the process. Isn’t that convenient?

  1. Pace Yourself

If you are looking for quick results, you will tap out quickly too. Remember the famous saying, “Easy Come, Easy Go.” Individuals often get overly enthusiastic at the very start of working out and usually tend to overdo it, thereby leading to exhaustion and burnout. Instead, pace yourself, ease yourself into a workout routine and stick to it. Once you feel your body can endure it, add another exercise or increase your reps.

Intense workouts once a week, followed by unhealthy meals and lots of desserts, will do you no good. Instead, exercise 30 minutes daily, paired with healthy meals. As you start to enjoy your routine, you can increase the time up to one hour daily and reap the maximum benefits without feeling demotivated. Be sure to target different sets of muscles every other day, as exercising the same muscle can make it immune. So, if you want to do ab exercises on Mondays, then keep leg days for Tuesdays, and so on and so forth.


Getting fit on a budget has never been easier. The internet has endless resources to help you stay healthy, manage weight and elevate your physique with no hidden costs. Pair it with a nutritious meal plan, and you are on your way to looking your best.