Throwing a birthday party can be a lot of fun when you set a theme, bring in the professionals, and take the time to plan the little details. If you’re considering throwing a birthday party for someone you love, there are many ways you can make it both safe and special. Even in the middle of a global pandemic, planning a once-in-a-lifetime party that your guest of honor will never forget is possible. For four ways to plan a safe and fun birthday party, read on.

1. Bring in the professionals.

Few things are sure to make a birthday party more memorable than calling in the professionals. Whether you plan on a birthday party with a circus or carnival theme and call in a professional clown, or you go with a bounce house rental, bringing in the pros is sure to make your event one guests will be talking about for years.

Many people assume that it’s difficult to hire professional birthday party characters and other professionals. The reality is that it can be as easy as a simple Google search for the type of pro you’re looking for in your area like ‘clowns in Long Island‘ if you live in New York. The best part is that hiring professionals doesn’t have to stop with a special appearance from a clown or other entertainer. You can also use the help of a professional planning company or party rental center to add to any birthday theme.

When planning a fun party people will remember, consider looking up party rental centers in your area for things like waterslides, photo booths, bounce houses, and more that you can rent to make the day extra special. To keep it safer in the middle of a global pandemic, consider holding your party outside and using these props to make your party more entertaining for guests.

2. Consider going virtual.

While it’s a good idea to provide hand sanitizer and keep social distancing and masking recommendations in mind when planning your party, another way to play it safe is to think about opting for a virtual birthday celebration. For example, maybe you have a kid in high school who’d love to have a party for their birthday, but you’re concerned about Covid-19 and keeping it safe. For someone like you, a virtual party could be a great option. If your child spends their time focused on things like the difference between a Minecraft server and VPS game server, they could be a great candidate for a party themed around gaming.

For parents hoping to play it safe, consider upgrading technology for a virtual party or gaming tournament on a virtual private server. For a serious gamer, the upgrade could be your gift, too. Your child might be happier behind the control panel and playing their favorite games with friends than an in person party if you find ways to come up with creative birthday celebration ideas around a gaming theme.

3. Set a theme, and dress for it.

The same way you’d want to pay close attention to online gaming technology needed for a virtual party with that theme, you’ll want to give the same attention to a party in person. Whether you decide to hire a scary clown or stick to the online video games, if you plan to incorporate an in-person option, think about a dress code that works with your theme.

To set a theme for your party, think about the guest of honor’s interests and preferences. Maybe you have a family member who loves the color red. You could do something as simple as asking all guests to wear that color or even a red bandanna. Or, you could get more elaborate and have guests dress to the theme. For a party centered around beauty or fashion, you could even make slumber party type tutorials around how to apply magnetic lashes part of the entertainment. In short, by coming up with a theme that ties back to the birthday boy or girl, you’ll be able to naturally think of ways to entertain guests either virtually or in person.

4. Include guests in the planning process.

By asking guests to dress a certain way to fit a theme, you’re getting them involved and will increase your odds of holding their interest. In setting this tone, guests will be more likely to feel connected to the special day. Take this one step further by asking guests to create messages or bring a favorite dish or story about the guest of honor. You could even ask them for their suggestions on interactive games your guest of honor might enjoy. The truth is, the more invested your guests feel, the more likely they’ll be in the mood to celebrate your loved one’s special day.

In taking the time to plan out the little details, include your guests, and play it safe where you can, you’re sure to plan a party that the special someone in your life will appreciate you for. Happy party planning to you, and don’t forget to take pictures!