One of the most important things, if not the most important thing in life, is the health and wellbeing of your family. As you know, without good health your standard of living can drop off quickly and significantly and you can no longer do the things that inspire you and others. This isn’t something you want for yourself or your family

Since prevention is the best medicine it makes perfect sense to stay on top of your family’s healthcare on a routine basis – the Oxford Online Pharmacy can help you do this with convenient prescription orders delivered directly to your door, saving you time and money. But it’s best to support your Family’s health care otherwise with the health and wellbeing tips outlined below. 

A Healthy Diet 

The number one key to a healthy family is a healthy diet, what your family puts into their bodies will determine how much energy they have, how well they sleep, and how healthy they keep. 

Consider what it’s like when eating all the wrong things like fatty foods and takeouts, all of a sudden your body starts to crave it, you put on weight and feel lethargic, all you want to do is eat some more. 

Conversely, with a lean nutrient-rich diet you and your family will eat less and play more. That’s right. You will find you have more energy, you sleep better and your overall quality of life gets one up. 

Plenty of Exercise 

Along with diet exercise is one of the fundamental aspects of keeping you and your family healthy. You know what it’s like as you get older, exercise is hard to fit in, but with a young family, it’s part of a healthy lifestyle. 

You don’t need to formalise any exercise routine for your family, but keep in mind that active hobbies and games are more beneficial for their short and long-term health. Encourage activities like running, swimming, and cycling. 

Staying on top of your Family’s health care is easy when you integrate into a normal lifestyle. Try not to make a thing of it. Let it become what you naturally do so it creates useful patterns for the future. 

Vitamins and Supplements 

If you have a healthy diet for your family chances are you won’t need extra vitamins and supplements, but there are some exceptions. If you’re vegan or you don’t get much sunlight it’s good to take a quality multivitamin. 

If you’re vegan you will need to supplement your diet with vitamin B12, a nutrient that is readily available in meat but hard to find elsewhere. This nutrient keeps the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA. 

The other supplement you might want to take is Vitamin D. This vitamin you get directly from the sun but the sun’s rays can be harmful as well. Vitamin D regulates calcium in the body and keeps teeth, skin, and bones healthy. 

Sleep Well 

Everybody loves a good night’s sleep, that is unless you’re sub-five and love to get up at the crack of dawn – but even still you and your family require a minimum of eight hours of sleep through the night to remain healthy. 

If you go to bed too late or too early it can upset your body’s natural rhythms. These are called circadian rhythms. Upsetting these can lead to all kinds of health issues relating to diet and mental health. 

The old saying about going to bed early and getting up early remains true, even in our futuristic world of gadgets and technology, so stay on top of your family’s health by hitting the pillow early and getting a solid eight hours of snoozing time. 


Get Into Nature 

The 1980s in Japan was a very stressful time, people were massively overworked and their mental and emotional health was suffering, that’s why the term Shinyin Roku was coined. In English, it means spending quality time under a canopy of trees. 

This is an excellent idea for you and your family too, even though it isn’t 1980s Japan. Nature has a healing and energising effect on our mental and emotional wellbeing and it’s important to take your family into the wilderness now and again to experience this. 

There are lots of ways you can enjoy nature and let the chi benefit your health and wellbeing – you don’t have to bathe as the original concept suggests. Kids have lots of energy so why not cycle, play a game, or climb a tree.