There’s something special about a rave. Something that unites us, that allows us to be ourselves without limitations. A sense of community. And, of course, the bass and the synth.

A rave is a great excuse to party and enjoy life to the fullest, usually for multiple days in a row. It requires a flight or a road trip to a new location, it transports us out of our regular day-to-day and into something magical.

And one of the coolest things about going to a rave is the opportunity we get to dress up. We can go all out with all of the clothes that we usually don’t wear in our regular lives. 

This year, you may be searching for something a little bit different. If you need some inspiration, use this list of different fun ways to dress up for your next rave.

1. Make It Matchy-Matchy

Matching sets have gained a crazy amount of popularity in the past year, and for good reason. They offer us a complete outfit that we don’t have to worry about whether or not the color scheme or styles go together.

This trend translates well into the world of ravewear. Matching sets come in all sorts of different styles and allow you the freedom to not worry about putting together a whole outfit from the ground up.

2. Try Something More Risqué

We cannot stress this enough: a rave is a perfect opportunity to get a little more risqué with your clothing.

A lot of rave clothing offers you the freedom to show some serious skin, so why not seize that opportunity to go all out? We’re talking mesh tops. We’re talking thong-style bottoms. And yes, we are talking heart-shaped pasties.

There is no time like the present to really go for it.

3. Keep It Casual

If you’re not trying to get crazy with the styles, it’s also totally chill to keep it casual. You can find some comfy, stretchy bike shorts and pair them with a baggy mesh top over a cotton bralette.

The cool thing about raves is that there is no dress code. If you want to stay comfy, you’re totally allowed to stay comfy. Live your life, babe. Party in your own style.

4. Get a Little Trippy

It comes as no surprise that raves are some pretty trippy events. Between all of the lights, the bumping music, and everything else, a rave is definitely a trip.

So why not match your outfit to that energy?

Embrace the trippy vibe by wearing booty shorts and crop tops with swirly, trippy prints. Tie-dye is also a great, accessible way to try out this trippy style.

When you look at the print with your kaleidoscope glasses, you’re sure to feel like you must have taken something.

5. Go In Something That Reflects Your Personality

If you have a shining personality that can be seen for miles even in the dark, why not make your physical presence show off that energy?

One of the coolest new trends in rave clothing is reflective pieces. They’re made out of that bright, shiny material that can be found on construction vests (but it’s a little comfier, we promise).

This electrifying fabric is made into shorts, crop tops, chaps, and even shoes. It also has the added benefit of ensuring your safety when it gets dark since you’re definitely going to be visible.

Have Fun With It

No matter what you decide to put together for your next rave, you should always remember to have fun with it. After all, that’s what raves are all about.