We have been exploring different trails, and I had heard about the 100 Acre Woods before and it sounded like a fun place to check out. This trail is located in Ballston Spa, and is easy to find with Google Maps.

There is a fair amount of parking at the trailhead.

There are also paved multi-use trails along the roads.

There is no trailhead, but there was a map posted where we started the trail.

There were some signs related to the story of Pooh Bear, which I guess was inspired by the name 100 Acre Woods.

The trails are well marked with a variety of trail markers.

The trail crosses a stream, and there was an interesting boardwalk there.

The trail meanders through the woods.

There are plenty of markers along the trails. Perhaps too many at times!

While the trail systems are nice and well maintained, we could hear traffic most of the time that we were on the trail. We also heard cars revving their engines, so I can only assume that people race on the roads around the tech park. The walk here was leisurely, but not particularly special.

You can find a trail map here.

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