T-shirts are a wardrobe staple for everybody, and that includes parents! Moms, especially those   who are home with the kids all day every day, are even more grateful for comfy tees than you might be able to imagine. Here are five reasons moms are really, really glad that t-shirts exist. 

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With spit-up, spills, and just the general messiness kids bring to our lives, the washability of t-shirts makes them shine in any busy mother’s eyes. No matter what type of t-shirt, they are generally so quick and easy to wash, and don’t ever need special care or dry cleaning. So next time you’re home with the kids, throw one on and don’t worry about getting a little dirty.


From staying up all night with babies to running after toddlers to driving teenagers to sports practice, comfort is of utmost importance for any supermom. You need to wear things that are breathable and move with you, no matter the task. Tees are also perfect for layering underneath or on top of just about anything, so no matter the weather you’ll always feel good. 


Not sure if you got the memo, but t-shirts are actually totally in style! There are so many different types and looks, tees are a timeless look that will never go out of fashion. So it doesn’t matter how many kids you have, rock that t-shirt Mama Bear. 


With so much already on your plate like carting kids to school, planning meals for the whole family, and keeping everyone on track for bedtime, the last thing you want to have to worry about is what you’re going to wear. T-shirts take the guesswork out of dressing yourself each day. You can wear them to work, social events, as well as PTA meetings! And when you are finally settled at home for the night, they’re even comfy enough for around the house. Heck, you could even wear them to bed if you wanted to. Tees are your friend, I promise.


Having children and expanding your family was one of the best decisions you ever made, but it didn’t come without a cost. Not only do the everyday expenses associated with kids add up, but you also have to worry about saving up for college and such. Most parents find themselves cutting corners wherever possible, and spending less on themselves to make sure they have more for their kids. Luckily, there are tons of great t-shirts available at very mom-friendly prices! You don’t have to sacrifice looking good just to save money. 

Becoming a mom is the greatest thing you ever did, and doesn’t mean losing your sense of style or comfort. And with t-shirts around, if you break the bank it certainly won’t be on clothing for yourself! Consider wearing a simple tee next time you’re out there being a mom and you won’t regret it.