Until a few years ago, “SEO copywriting” meant the practice of creating texts with a certain amount of keywords repeated in them in order to influence positioning. When I started studying the discipline, not even many years ago, in fact it was a question of established dictates that produced concrete effects, and even if the result were texts that seemed written by automatons with a dictionary reduced to the bone, the positioning c ‘was and that was enough. Today with ” SEO copywriting” we mean the activity aimed at creating unique and valuable content for your audience and optimized for search engines , so that they can reach the top positions and gain organic traffic without direct spending on promotional activities (as is the case with pay-per-click). However, there is a current hostility in the sector to the concept of “SEO copywriting“, since SEO is properly based on the intervention on the programming code and obviously does not include writing texts. This makes it very difficult to ask for adequate remuneration for their services, also because the downward competition of generalist copywriters destroys any hope of living decently in this profession and pushes them to create increasingly poor quality content in order to have the time to carry out as many jobs as possible.

On numerous occasions I have therefore used the term ” copywriting for SEO purposes ” to underline that web writing is not SEO, but the use made of it is SEO, or that the texts can be used both to offer concrete answers to the reader , both to be easily understood by search engines . We know that the purpose of the engineers working on the evaluation algorithms and the AI deep learning mechanism is to get as close as possible to the judgment criteria of real people and to return results that are perceived as really useful. The more you write well for people (but “formatting” everything so that it is well understood by the machines), the more you have the chance to reach the top position on Google. If you are looking for writing services like Essay Writing service, nursing dissertation, Cv Writing Services, assignment writing etc you can get help here https://www.academicshelper.com/.

What are the advantages of the SEO copywriting service

Here, in my professional career I was lucky enough to meet many colleagues and clients who agreed with me on the importance of dedicating care and attention in the texts for websites, but in the social communities I read discussions that suggest a much darker picture and disheartening.

I therefore thought of creating a guide to what in my opinion are the main advantages of SEO copywriting in order both to ennoble those who practice this profession with online copywriting course, and – more prosaically – to give you a list of reasons to illustrate to your clients to explain what are the benefits they will get from a service from a quality SEO copywriter (who will get paid properly).

The growth of the brand’s authority

Creating quality content designed for the needs of your audience is the least expensive method and with the greatest chance of success in the medium and long term to cement your reputation in the minds of potential customers.

While advertisements require a continuous budget to stay active in the face of immediate revenue potential, search engine-optimized content can stay among the top SERP results for years , potentially at no cost (with the exception of web pay . SEO writer). The growth of authority through content does not only concern organic positioning but also that in the mind of consumers: in fact, we end up developing an aura of experience that on the one hand helps to gain the trust of the public, on the other makes it easier be considered to appear in Google News and overcome the periodic upheavals of search engine algorithms unscathed. In the case of last year’s Google Medic Update, many argue that a role may have been played by content creators’ perceptions of authority. Personally, I followed more portals that did content marketing than link building (precisely because sufficient budget was not always available for the latter) and I must say that all the sites that I have seen fully engaged in the creation of vertical and in-depth content have exceeded update updates by increasing your positioning .

Website traffic growth thanks to SEO Copywriting work

Anticipating (and exceeding) the competition

The SEO copywriter does not limit himself to creating optimized content for search engines, but studies the SERPs both to fully understand the needs of the target who types the searches on which he works, and to anticipate the competition by identifying promising industry trends that others can escape.

This goes beyond the simple manual analysis of the SERPs but embraces a range of activities that concern the complexity of the forms with which a brand is present on the web: from press releases to the publication plan on social media, from organic positioning to mentions in other sites in the sector. , and this requires tools fit for purpose that the SEO web writer is able to master.

Google Trends is one of the generally underestimated keyword research tools, but it allows you to quickly identify peaks of interest around certain topics, not just those predictable based on the usual change of season. Answer The Public is a tool that SEO copywriters know very well: this platform allows you to identify all the searches that are produced on the net around a given topic, in the form of queries that can be consulted both visually and as text. This allows you to have a much broader overview of the information needs that revolve around given themes, and responding to them in depth means offering a valuable service to your supporters (with a greater chance of converting them into customers ).

Expand the editorial plan to position itself on more topics

The SEO copywriter , starting from the analysis of the search intent, is able to identify a series of topics and research formulas to be integrated into the texts that make the contents more exhaustive than those of the competition and more suitable to meet the needs of the own audience.